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Welcome to TraderPlanet's Feature Stories. Here you’ll find timeless financial content that is not closely tied to breaking news on the economy or financial markets. The articles in this section explore complex trading concepts and specific market interests. These articles are written by some of the world's best market analysts who enjoy the interaction with our readership — so post your comments and you may be pleasantly surprised by who responds!

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A New Market Pattern – Crazy, Right?
December E-Mini S&P Futures: Trading Idea September 30, 2014
Unusual Options Activity: Mellanox Technologies On The Move
High Risk For the Bulls: SPX Rally To 2,010
Natural Gas Breaks Out
U.S. Treasury Bonds Gaining Strength
U.S. Treasuries Bulls Have Momentum
U.S. Dollar Bulls Flexing their Muscles
Up and Down and Still We Go
How To Take Advantage Of High Frequency Trader Price Action
December Euro Currency Futures: Trading Idea September 29, 2014
Apple (AAPL) iPhone 6 Is Here: Key Levels For Traders
US Dollar Breakout: End To Stock Bull, Renewed Commodity Bear
SPX: They Won't Ring A Bell At The Top
Silver Market Vulnerable To Short Covering Rally
TIPs and Gold Mining Stocks Losing Strength
Protesting in Hong Kong Being Watched Carefully Monday
Keep Your Focus in an Uncertain Market
Economic Conditions and the US Consumer Are Still Good
December ICE Coffee Futures: Trading Idea September 26, 2014
Europe's Big Bazooka? Not Yet, But It’s Coming
Be Objective: The Market Will Tell You Where It Wants To Go
We Cannot Will The Market To Meet Our Needs
U.S. dollar and T. Bonds Gaining Strength
Livestock Futures Markets Still Mostly Bullish
Stock Market Bulls are Spooked Heading into Weekend
An Entropic Market Obeying the Laws
Women On Wall Street
The Outperformance In Burlington Stores Isn’t Over Yet
December U.S. T-Bond Futures: Trading Idea September 25, 2014
Health Care Gaining Strength, Energy Losing Strength
8 Things You Need To Know About Trading Tesla Now
Crude Oil Bears Still Have Technical Edge
Surging U.S. Dollar in Focus this Week
The Euro Will Reach Parity With The U.S. Dollar In 2-3 Years: Stay Short
Ride Out the Volatility, It Will Settle Down
Soybeans: How Low Can We Go Into Harvest?
Options Watch: Amgen At Key Price Point
Why Bull Markets Are Dangerous To Your Financial Health
December Cotton Futures: Trading Idea September 24, 2014
One Of The Deadly Sins Of Trading: Not Using A Stop-Loss
Small Caps Losing Strength
Grain Market Bears Still in Firm Technical Control
Still Some Risk Aversion in Market Place Wednesday
The Market is Just Being the Market
America's Role In the Middle East: Friends and Foes
Dr. Pepper Snapple Group: Unusual Options Activity Shows Big Buyer
December British Pound Futures: Trading Idea September 23, 2014
Consumer Staples Gaining Strength, Consumer Discretionary Losing Strength
Bearish Wedge: Could The Dow Drop 1000 Points?
Time To Cover Short Euro Position
Livestock Futures Markets Still Mostly Bullish
Risk Aversion Returns to Market Place Tuesday
The Floor and Ceiling Change, But The Wall Remains The Same
Lindsay Analysis: What's Next For The Dow?
Is Gold Going Up Or Down?
S&P 500 Leads Up: But Who Will Follow?
December ICE Coffee Futures: Trading Idea September 22, 2014
Time To Buy 10-Year Notes: Here's Why
U.S. dollar Gaining Strength, Commodities Losing Strength
China Official Says No New Economic Stimulus
Risk Management is Critical To Survival in Trading Options and Stocks
Something’s Happening Here …
December Euro Currencies Futures: Trading Idea September 19, 2014
What Does Fed Action Mean For Long-Term Rates?
Fear Is Not Rational: The Limitations Of The VIX
Large Caps Gaining Strength, Energy Stocks Losing Strength
Alibaba? Nah, I'll Just Pass On This One
Energy Bears Have the Technical Advantage
U.S. Dollar Bulls Still Have Technical Power
Can the Market Hold On At This Altitude?
No Surprises From Yellen, But E-Mini S&P 500 Still Vulnerable
Institutional Traders Use Pivot Points: Here's Why
Apple: Trade With The Trend, Still Bullish
December Lean Hog Futures: Trading Idea September 18, 2014
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