Trading Articles for April 2016

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Don't Make This Option Trading Mistake!
Gold - Weekly Elliott Wave Analysis
Will Oil Prices Rise This Upcoming Week ?
Market Up, Market Down, GM Beating Tesla?
What About Gold?
Stock Trading This Week: Be Cautious
Get Ready To Trade Earnings Season
Commodities: 3 Year Cycle Low Is Due
The Natural Gas Market’s Biggest Traders Say Sell
More Tesla, Earnings Coming, and Green Goes The Market
What Is OPEC Doing Now?
Biotech Phoenix is Rising
Negative Rates Could Trigger Another Housing Bubble
Stocks: It's Time To Protect Your Portfolio
Land of the Rising Yen
Alaska Air, Telecoms, Utilities, Rising – Good Sign?
Trading Psychology: Waiting for an Ambush?
Coffee Market Sets Up for Call Sellers
A E-Mini S&P 500 Strangle To Play The Range
Trade Stocks With Probabilities On Your Side
Ride The Yen Waves For Profit
Is the currency hedge trade over?
Time To Party Like It’s 1999?
UAL, Will It Fly Higher With The Market?
Grain Update: Post Planting Intention Positioning
Rollercoaster Ride in Fed Fund Spreads
What’s Next for the Nasdaq ($NDX)?
Market Down, Service Sector Up – Time To Speculate?
Raising Rates: A Compelling Argument
Trading 101: How To Profit From A Ratio Spread
Trading Psychology: Does Practice Make Perfect?
How Share Buybacks Keep The Stock Bull Alive
Constellation Chart Signals Trade Ahead Of Earnings
Can OPEC’s “Price Fixing Meeting” Fix the Shale/Fracking Industry?
HP, Dell, and Lenovo, Still Alive And Kicking
How to Use Commitments of Traders Report – Currency Review
Election Year Cycles And US Stocks
Trading Lessons: The Mountain Top Is Lonely
Stocks And Inflation: What Does A Cheeseburger Cost Now?
Biotech Playing Catch Up
US Stock Alert: Look To Sell New Highs
More EV, Fuel Cells, And Oil, Lots More
What Makes for a "Good" Elliott Wave Opportunity?
Watch GNCA Now
VIX Shows Dangerous Complacency
Welcome To Bear Market 2.0
Look For Breakout Crude Oil Trade Friday
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