The Trend Trader For Stock Trading on Monday, July 9, 2012

The Trend Trader helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite stocks. It not only helps us to stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps us avoid those without a trend. You can even use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness. Before you place your next trade, be sure to consult the Trend Trader.
The Trend Trader for the Dow 30 Stocks
dot_clear.gifFor Trading On Monday, July 9, 2012
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In alphabetical order by symbol



Trend Reading
AA - Alcoa Inc8.73- 2.138.848.79ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
AXP - American Express Company58.63- 1.0559.0558.91ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
BA - Boeing Co73.69- 1.0173.8673.63ArwDwn.gifArwUp.gifNeutral
BAC - Bank of America Corporation7.66- 2.057.897.84ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
CAT - Caterpillar Inc84.61- 2.5185.6285.07ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
CSCO - Cisco Systems16.77- 1.0016.9616.89ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
CVX - Chevron Corporation105.07- 0.91106.07105.63ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
DD - Dupont(E.I.)Denemours48.90- 1.4349.3849.29ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
DIS - Disney (Walt) Co48.04- 0.1548.2448.16ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
GE - General Electric20.00- 1.6220.2920.26ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
HD - Home Depot Inc52.15+ 0.0851.8152.09ArwUp.gifArwUp.gifBullish
HPQ - Hewlett-Packard19.57- 3.5020.0719.81ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
IBM - Intl Business Machines Corp191.41- 1.99194.23192.78ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
INTC - Intel Corp26.16- 1.4726.5226.32ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson67.64- 0.2167.8367.71ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
JPM - JPMorgan Chase & Co33.90- 1.4034.8434.66ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
KFT - Kraft Foods'A'38.98- 0.2339.1138.91ArwDwn.gifArwUp.gifNeutral
KO - Coca-Cola Co78.15- 0.3878.5978.45ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
MCD - McDonald's Corp89.66+ 0.4089.1089.10ArwUp.gifArwUp.gifBullish
MMM - 3M Co88.99- 0.6589.2989.07ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
MRK - Merck & Co41.51- 0.2941.6041.57ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
MSFT - Microsoft Corp30.18- 1.6930.4930.31ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
PFE - Pfizer, Inc22.54- 0.5722.7022.67ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
PG - Procter & Gamble61.28- 0.1161.2661.22ArwUp.gifArwUp.gifBullish
T - AT&T Inc35.44- 0.9235.6835.52ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
TRV - The Travelers Companies Inc63.26- 1.0963.7463.51ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
UTX - United Technologies74.09- 1.7275.0174.53ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
VZ - Verizon Communications44.42- 1.0544.6944.50ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish
WMT - Wal-Mart Stores71.36+ 0.3970.7870.62ArwUp.gifArwUp.gifBullish
XOM - Exxon Mobil84.80- 0.9085.4185.10ArwDwn.gifArwDwn.gifBearish

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