Inauguration Day Low?

The talk on the street is for the Trump Rally to continue until his inauguration on January 20. Imagine our surprise when a routine screening with the Hybrid Lindsay model forecast a low during the week leading up to inauguration – not a high. It need not be a “significant” low but it should be significant enough to make us think that the anticipated top of the “Trump Rally” is coming sooner than most think or that the rally is destined to last longer than most can imagine.

Hybrid Lindsay

Middle Sections are converging on the week before the Presidential inauguration as the next short-term low.  The peak on 9/18/13 counts 608 days to the high of the previous Basic Cycle on 5/19/15. 608 days later is 1/16/17.

The peak on 8/10/05 counts 2,091 days to the high of the previous Basic Cycle on 5/2/11. 2,090 days later is Friday, 1/20/17 – Inauguration Day.

Point E on 6/29/98 of an ascending Middle Section counts 3,389 days to the high of the previous Multiple Cycle on 10/9/07. 3,389 days later is 1/18/17.


A 33-day cycle low is due on 1/17/17. A 40-day cycle low is due on 1/20/17.

Lindsay Intervals

A 222-day interval (221-224) points to a change in trend during the same week as the above forecasts.