ProAct Traders Charts


Product Overview

If one simply looks, one would see forex charting software everywhere these days. Finding the one that suits you (and works well) requires discrimination, as well as knowing what you want. One key to finding quality, forex-charting software is knowing a bit about the designers behind it, as passion goes a long way toward achieving one’s goals. The quote below speaks to passion and knowledge, both of which reside in the forex charting software (ProAct Traders) this company has developed.

Sure we have cool charts, but you have found the only charts in the world with built-in trade setups showing harmony and momentum entering the market.

The charts are cool, as well as sophisticated. Based on a “revolutionary system,” the charting software offers “possible high-probability trading opportunities as well as high probability trading targets” in the form of pre-designed technical setups (6 Aces Trade Setup, Ranging and Reversing Setup, Wild Card Trade Setup, and the Royal Flush Trade Setup). These setups are designed to give you the best entry and the best exit in trending, reversing, or ranging markets, and, as all traders know, entries and exits are the key to maximizing profit and minimizing loss.

Another attractive element of the designers is their frank approach to the reality of forex trading, as it relates to ProAct Traders. The following quotes reflect a reality, not a sales pitch.

“We are not a ‘BLACK BOX’ system. You must still use the time tested application of Technical Analysis to ascertain if the movement is real,” and “Forex … is not a get rich quick scheme ... it requires work, study, continuous education, discipline and perseverance.”

The second quote reflects the designers’ concern for your forex education as both the software and the web site offer educational opportunities. The web site “Learning Center” (Tutorials, Trading Room [sessions with experienced traders], Live Classes …) offers education for “newbies” and veterans alike. As well, utilizing the variety of chart features and indicators (20 indicators, 3 are propriety) is experimentally educational.

Additional Features

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Humanitarian philosophy – (Check out the “Our Giving” section on the web site.)


The quality of a whole is directly related to the sum of its parts. The whole of ProAct Traders is that it is quality, forex-charting software, but this is because the sum of its parts is quality as well. Perhaps, the whole is best summarized in their motto: NO TRADER LEFT BEHIND.