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Get timely market analysis, perspectives and trading ideas from TraderPlanet contributors to stay informed of global economic developments, financial market insights and other factors that may influence investment decisions and strategies.

What (or Who) Are You Listening To?

With the increase in market volatility, we find ourselves reaching for and needing more certainty. Is our approach correct? Do we need to make adjustments? Is there better information out there?  This last question can lead us to listening to anyone with...

Holiday Weeks Can Be Tough To Trade

It’s a short week with the Good Friday holiday, so I will try to be short and sweet with my words today. On Wednesday we heard from Fed Chair Yellen, and she repeated that any future interest changes would be based on employment numbers and inflation....

50-day SMA Whipsaw

Absolute price for the following whipsawed back up above 50-day SMAs on 4/16/14, thereby turning systematically bullish (from neutral): S&P 500 Composite Index, SPX Industrial SPDR, XLI Materials SPDR, XLB Technology SPDR, XLK The S&P 500...

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