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Get timely market analysis, perspectives and trading ideas from TraderPlanet contributors to stay informed of global economic developments, financial market insights and other factors that may influence investment decisions and strategies.

Big U.S. Economic Data Week Ahead

* Latest Market Developments * There were no major, markets-moving developments on the geopolitical front over the weekend, so the market place is starting to focus more on other matters such as the big U.S. economic data week that lies just ahead. The...

Listening To Markets

As I was away on vacation last week I still kept one eye on the markets and with my technological devices at hand was able to get a modest tone on things from day to day.  As we are still mired in low volatility the frustration continues to mount - will...

A Ways to Go Before Going Bust

I went out for about 15 minutes to reset the timer on my front garden. When I returned, the market had taken a precipitous dip, some 55 points on the Dow and six points on the S&P. What happened while I was away?   U.S. stocks fall, after the...

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