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OMG, the Fed Stuff Again

Yesterday, my word for the day was “conflicted.” Today, David Moenning over at State of the Markets has his word for the day and it is … The word of the day appears to be weakness. One reason he is suggesting this (among others including his technical charts) is the overseas markets are showing weakness from a lack of encouraging news. Asian stock markets are down across the board this...

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The Bear Pressure Is Just Too Great, For Now

Right out of the gate this morning, the market bolted to the red. I see no reason for the recent market panic other than it is summer and traders hold sway in the market. Fundamentally, the market environment has not been this sound in years.   U.S. stock index futures fell on Wednesday, with S&P e-minis at a more than two-month low, on worries of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine...

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So, What Is the Reason Today?

Yesterday provided a nice breather from the selling we’ve seen over the last week or so. Although not great in total numbers, the rally yesterday impressed me for two simple reasons – 1) the market rallied at all and 2) the rally was broad based. Stocks closed higher on Monday with broad gains across most sectors that helped the S&P 500 rebound from its largest weekly drop since 2012....

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