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More of the Same But Different?

Let’s start today by going back to yesterday, another in a series of volatile days. I think the market took my advice a bit too seriously, as all the major indices dropped with gusto. I am not sure why, but it seems the buyers simply ran out of gas. Stocks took on some water today, but it can't be a complete surprise. I think it was yesterday we pointed out the S&P 500 had rallied more...

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It’s The Economy, The Fed, And a Bit Of Europe

Well, well, well … The last hour in yesterday’s market was quite interesting, just as the last hour, half hour, and five minutes of the market has been this week. It appears the battle of the bulls and “da bears” is back on. Although “da bears’ have had the upper hand, it seems that the tide might be turning. As always, we will see, but in the meantime, here are some considerations for your...

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The Market Is Not Crazy After All

If one were to ascribe a mental-health label to it based on its recent behavior, well, schizophrenic would be defensible. Again, the market took us on another wild ride yesterday. Now, the prognoses for recovery, or not, are all over the board. Despite making big moves to the downside during the session, stocks rebounded to close flat on Thursday. Equities edged higher in late afternoon...

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An Entropic Market Obeying the Laws

What goes up must come down. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Yup, I am referencing fundamental laws of the universe, Newtonian Physics, if you will. Well, actually the first maxim is a colloquial offshoot of the law of gravity, but it works. Just look at the market today. The price-action is huge and the movement is down, way down. My-oh-my, things can change...

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The Market is Just Being the Market

Yesterday seemed to be an alarm bell for the bearish clan. Sheesh, give em a triple-point drop on the Dow and they all wake up screaming. I read one technical analysis this morning … well, here is the title, BEARISH WEDGE: COULD THE DOW DROP 1000 POINTS? I understand in theory technicians are not bears or bulls; they simply read the charts and then report what they see, but I have to ask the...

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The Floor and Ceiling Change, But The Wall Remains The Same

Here we go again … Another crisis of confidence, even as the penultimate geopolitical event unwinds from open hostility to verbal aggression. Russia and Ukraine seem to be moving toward some sort of pact that will bring some peace to that region. So what? That news is so last week anyway. How about that China, then? Seems it never loses its power to contribute to the constant wall of worry...

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OMG, the Fed Stuff Again

Yesterday, my word for the day was “conflicted.” Today, David Moenning over at State of the Markets has his word for the day and it is … The word of the day appears to be weakness. One reason he is suggesting this (among others including his technical charts) is the overseas markets are showing weakness from a lack of encouraging news. Asian stock markets are down across the board this...

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