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And A Bit More Strength To Ponder

Despite the dirty facts on the ground, the breathless media is amazingly quiet. Perhaps it has lost interest in the constant warfare in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine. Maybe the news hasn’t played out as a thriller with the market. Given the recent market rebound, it is not a bad conclusion to draw – the market is simply not interested in the dirty facts. And really, why would it be? As I...

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What’s Not to Like About the Market?

The market overall had quite the day yesterday and how about that NASDAQ? Hitting a 14-year high is quite impressive, given that the index fell so far from grace in 2000, just 14 short years ago. Perhaps the NASDAQ is providing a clue as to where the money is beginning to flow. Better yet, a clue as to where the money is returning. It appears today is a follow up day for the bulls. Right out...

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What is One to Make of the Market Today?

Up and then down like a rock in water the market did go this morning. Arriving first and driving the market up was the news that Putin was playing nice again and Iraq was finding its way to a coalition government. Emerging-market stocks rose for a fourth day as President Vladimir Putin said Russia will do all it can to end the Ukraine conflict, spurring speculation tension will ease. Tribal...

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Less Russia, More Iraq, and Opportunity in Europe

It appears the market week will end this week as it started – up a bit today but lower overall. As of this writing, the Dow is down some 700 points off its record high, which makes it just about 4.2% lower. The S&P is down some 70 points from its record high, which makes it just about 3.6% lower. Decent minor corrections that will bring earnings and P/E ratios closer to a place investors...

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A Thing Is Not A Problem Until It Is

It is true; a thing is not a problem until it is. The Russia/Ukraine confrontation is now a problem. The US and its allies are now at war with Russia. Russia said on Wednesday it would ban all food imports from the United States and all fruit and vegetables from Europe, in a sweeping response to Western sanctions for Moscow's support for separatists in Ukraine. In this day and age, the above...

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Will The Bulls Come Out Swinging?

It’s good to see last week in the rear-view mirror. Even though I get it, a week such as last week bugs me. I understand the reality of market rebalancing, but I don’t like it when the market freaks out. The memories of 2008, 2009, and 2010, and 2011 still linger clearly in my head. So, what I need as a tonic for last week is a decent bounce this week, starting today.   The quality of the...

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Go With the Flow Today

I get it now. I did not see it yesterday, but I do now. The market is in official “freak-out” mode and yesterday was the beginning. Now that it has begun, the summer-time market will follow through, I suspect. All it needed was the Chicago PMI collapsing in July. The index dove to a reading of 52.6, which was well below the consensus expectations for a reading of 63.0, as well as last...

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Some Days Just Throw Me Off

My guess is that the bulls are doing a three-day ropes course thingamajig somewhere in the outback, far, far away from any news. Economy in U.S. Grew 4% in Second Quarter vs. 3% Estimate ADP Employment Report Shows Job Growth at 218,000 in July Euro zone economic sentiment unexpectedly improved in July despite the deepening crisis between the West and Russia over Ukraine, How else can I...

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Now, If Only Oil Would Cooperate

One day later and we have the Dow working to get to the red, not the other way around, as it was yesterday. It reminds me of the push-me-pull-you creature in the Dr. DoLittle books. In any case, speaking about children, their parents, their grandparents and photos of just about everything they do, I will admit I was wrong about Facebook.   Facebook's Wednesday earnings report blew away...

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Yup, We Have a Snort and Growl Market

The market opened with good news from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Johnson and Johnson. All reported solid earnings and in two cases, “blew away EPS and revenue estimates”. So far, earnings have pointed to solid. Then why is the market blue this morning? It is struggling to get out of the red and to find some footing in the green. At this moment, it does not appear committed to being in the...

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The Gas Pedal is Down, But Why?

Flat is the word. Yes, flat describes yesterday’s market, and it might have applied to the market today, given the state of the futures just before the bell.   Traders are waiting on the data due out this morning with a bid under the futures. The data referenced above is the manufacturing data across the globe, in particular, that of the US, Europe, and China. Traders appear to like the...

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