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Should I Trade the Night Session in Futures?

The other day a new Swing Trader's Insight subscriber asked me if he should look to take overnight signals or whether he should stay to the US day session. I told him that it depended on whether he was around to manage the trade at night. I generally don't like to have a trade on [...]

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A Trend Continuation Trade in Crude Oil Futures

By the Taylor Trading Technique, crude oil futures had a Sell Short day signal today. There was a strong rally last week after it broke above the last swing high at 94.97 from August 8. When I looked at the charts last night, it had gapped higher on the open. After some strength early last [...]

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Swing Trader’s Insight Futures Watch List for August 20

The financial markets were pretty quiet overnight. Europe continues to be the market's focus but there weren't really any new developments there over the weekend. As a result the Euro is largely unchanged. Behind the scenes it sounds like there's some horse trading going on, notably an attempt by the rest of Europe to overcome [...]

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Swing Trader’s Insight Futures Watch List for August 15

Equities are trading unchanged. The conventional wisdom is that the US economy is doing well enough that the Fed won't roll out QE3 at the September meeting-that is what has been behind the selloff in Treasuries. In a speech yesterday the director of investor relations for Vale SA (the world's biggest ore producer) said China's [...]

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Breakout Setup for Canadian Dollar Futures Today

Most of my posts about trading tend to be a post mortem of a trade. The nature of the Taylor Trading Technique tends to make it hard to write posts about trade setups ahead of time. The Canadian Dollar futures had a breakout setup yesterday that's still in play this morning. Yesterday was an ID [...]

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Combining Setups in Natural Gas Futures Today

Natural gas futures have been on a sharp downturn over the past couple of days. I had it on my short list of markets to watch today as September futures were testing a significant Fibonacci retracement level at 2.768. How the market reacted to that Fib level could lead to a good trade setup. There [...]

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The Early Bird Gets the Worm in Hogs Today

Around the clock futures markets have their pluses and minuses. If you want to carry trades for a longer period, in many markets you can work stop losses overnight. This means you can often avoid the big gap opens that can really whack you if you're caught on the wrong side. On the other hand, [...]

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Swing Trader’s Insight Futures Watch List for August 10

Overnight economic data was weak all around. China's trade balance for July showed weak imports and weak exports, notably to Europe. In addition, a report on China's new loans showed sharply lower loan levels for July. The silver lining in this cloud is that it raises the odds that the Chinese government will start up [...]

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