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Go With the Flow Today

I get it now. I did not see it yesterday, but I do now. The market is in official “freak-out” mode and yesterday was the beginning. Now that it has begun, the summer-time market will follow through, I suspect. All it needed was the Chicago PMI collapsing in July. The index dove to a reading of 52.6, which was well below the consensus expectations for a reading of 63.0, as well as last...

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Some Days Just Throw Me Off

My guess is that the bulls are doing a three-day ropes course thingamajig somewhere in the outback, far, far away from any news. Economy in U.S. Grew 4% in Second Quarter vs. 3% Estimate ADP Employment Report Shows Job Growth at 218,000 in July Euro zone economic sentiment unexpectedly improved in July despite the deepening crisis between the West and Russia over Ukraine, How else can I...

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Oil, VIX, and Summer Time Moves

The VIX and oil prices seem unshakeable. In the last month of geopolitical “crises” around the world both have moved little, and whatever movement they did have to the upside, has been retraced. Both the market and the oil market have absorbed the bad form of those who wish to die for and kill for the political beliefs. I might as well throw gold in too, as it has moved little relative to...

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Stay on the Train Awhile Longer

Okay, it is Monday morning, and I should be lethargic, and I am, but that fact is I need to say something that has been on my mind for some time. 20 Reasons To Take Your Foot Off The Gas Pedal (Part I) The above headline comes from David Moenning, who I respect as a macro-analyst, and in the first part of his bearish take on the market he suggests rising interest rates and inflation have...

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A Ways to Go Before Going Bust

I went out for about 15 minutes to reset the timer on my front garden. When I returned, the market had taken a precipitous dip, some 55 points on the Dow and six points on the S&P. What happened while I was away?   U.S. stocks fall, after the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index extended a record, as earnings at Amazon.com and Visa missed estimates and durable goods data fueled concern that...

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Now, If Only Oil Would Cooperate

One day later and we have the Dow working to get to the red, not the other way around, as it was yesterday. It reminds me of the push-me-pull-you creature in the Dr. DoLittle books. In any case, speaking about children, their parents, their grandparents and photos of just about everything they do, I will admit I was wrong about Facebook.   Facebook's Wednesday earnings report blew away...

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The Market Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You

So, there you have it. The S&P 500 touched upon a new record high this morning and the Dow is working to get into the green, just below its all-time high. And this as the Gaza fighting goes on, as the Ukraine fighting goes on, and as the Iraq fighting goes on. Weren’t those geopolitical struggles front-page news not too long ago and weren’t we told the market actually cared? Apparently,...

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QE Ends This October – What Does That Mean?

First off, it appears the market is making up for the relatively low down-day yesterday. All indices are in the green and the VIX is rolling back, again. Gold is lower and the Russell 2000 is sporting a 1% gain. As well, the market finish yesterday demonstrated, again, that the buyers are still in the game, even if some trepidation remains.   The bears can't be happy that the economy is...

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Speaking of Irrational Entities

On this fine Monday morning, geopolitics slams the market, again, or so the media is suggesting. I am not sure why the news from either Ukraine or Gaza would be pushing the market down, as nothing is radically different this Monday morning as it was on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Innocent people are still dying in the process of stupid people killing each other over their political...

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It Seemed the World Fell Apart Yesterday

By the time the day finished yesterday, the headline news had just about done all it could do to wreck the market. What we saw yesterday was a market freak out across the globe. U.S. stocks sank on Thursday, with the S&P 500 posting its biggest one-day percentage drop since April 10 on news that a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet crashed near the Ukraine-Russia border. Oh, and don’t...

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More Earnings Coming, So Sit Tight

The market opened as I expected it would, drifting into the red zone. The news about US and Europe getting on to sanctions for Russia’s behavior in Ukraine is bad news that bites hard in this current market environment.  Even the good news, (actual news, really) from the Fed is not enough to inspire this summertime market. The Fed's Beige Book, meanwhile, stated the pace of economic growth...

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Earnings and Deals, It’s All Good

I am not familiar with Lindsay Technical Analysis, but on an intraday basis, the DOW eclipsed the July 3 high this morning. If it closes higher than that high today, does it mean that this time frame for a market top (July 20) has “expired," just as the others have done? The answer really doesn’t matter to me. I was just curious. The fundamental fact of this matter is that the market is...

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Yup, We Have a Snort and Growl Market

The market opened with good news from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Johnson and Johnson. All reported solid earnings and in two cases, “blew away EPS and revenue estimates”. So far, earnings have pointed to solid. Then why is the market blue this morning? It is struggling to get out of the red and to find some footing in the green. At this moment, it does not appear committed to being in the...

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Let It Go – You Will Feel Better

I am back from my four-day sailing trip to the San Juan Islands in Washington’s Puget Sound. As of last night, I had full Internet, almost solid cell reception (another story for another time) and “unlimited” power. I have to be honest, it felt good to be back in the wireless world, but, as I am being honest, I also needed to experience the feeling of letting go, which is what one should do...

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I Will Enjoy My Sailing Trip

Yar there, all you landlubbers. It’s me, not-even-close-to Captain Ed coming from Rosario, a small port in the Islands of San Juan. I don’t have much time, battery, or signal, so today’s missive will be short and, well short.  As long as I have been connected wirelessly, I have always thought of myself as “not wired,” meaning, I could go where I want, when I want, and lacking a wired...

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