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The Story Is In the US Shale

One of the main story lines for the market is the transformation of global energy production. The energy future is mostly here and now, so one should be looking for and finding opportunities to invest in this unfolding narrative. Part of this story is oil, the black gold that powered the Industrial Revolution and created a motorized world.   I wrote yesterday that Andrew Hall, the iconic oil...

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Working Hard Wins The Game of Risk

We open today with more news from worn-torn Ukraine. Good news, perhaps, but whatever the label, the market is not overly impressed with it, which suggests it is still trying to finds its level. Russian stocks jumped the most in four months, the ruble rebounded and credit risk receded as President Vladimir Putin outlined a peace plan for Ukraine after agreeing with the country’s leader on...

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September Will See the Money Flow

September is here and life will now get back to a routine for so many of us. For many market players, though, a September routine is filled with trepidation. The month has a bad reputation. Is it deserved? Let’s look at the last five years to see how they turned out for September. Going back any further than five years seems irrelevant, as the market world changed forever in 2008. True in...

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That’s About as Simple as It Gets

Yesterday, my friend Miggie said to me, “You seem to always write about the general market anymore.” I thought for a moment about the implied question: “Why?” In that moment, I came up with several reasons for why I focus on general market commentary, which I told her, but in my mini litany of reasons, I heard my words about you, the reader. Writers write to an audience, but writers are not...

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The Market Is Stretched, At the Moment

Earnings reporting is almost complete, the recent positive economic data has been digested, China is forgotten for now, Europe’s lagging economy is well known, and Ukraine is, well, still a problem on the geopolitical front. So where does the market find a catalyst to go higher? For the moment, it appears there is no catalyst to take the market higher. Even the revised GDP from the second...

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A View Never Seen Before

Here we are, right smack in the middle of the week and the market is holding steady at the higher altitude. True, the air is thin, but the footsteps are certain to avoid a serious fall. Even Poroshenko and Putin seem to be stepping boldly toward a higher place. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promised after late-night negotiations with Russia's Vladimir Putin to work on an urgent...

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Not a Bad Day For a Tuesday

And the beat goes on … The S&P 500 will try again today to close over 2000 for the first time in history. Will it make it? It is hard to say, as many still view the market as top-heavy, overvalued, and bubbly, which could mean some profit taking. The S&P 500 earned $29.45 last quarter. That's 11.7% stronger than the year-ago figure of $26.36. It's also a bit better than the estimates...

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Kass Gets It Right, and So Should You

Monday morning and the market is showing a bit of oomph. Out the gate and up the hill it flew. Just like that the S&P climbs above 2000 and the Dow inches closer to its all-time high. This should tell you something – the market wants to go higher, even if Germany is tripping up a bit as the economic leader of Europe.    The IFO Business Climate Index in Germany for the month of August...

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Fundamentally, It Is Good News

I must admit, I enjoy poking fun at the bearish cult in the financial world. Something about “sticking to your guns” no matter what bothers me, so I reach out with a poke more than just now and then. In fact, I have a poke today, but before I do that, let’s consider the market for a moment. The Ukrainian battlefield successes, after a faltering start in April when government forces were...

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Where Do You Think We Go From Here?

I am not sure where to begin this morning, but I guess the place best for me is with the following headline from yesterday. Fed Officials Said Job Gains May Bring Faster Interest-Rate Rise That headline should have spooked the market and it did, but as quickly as the market dove yesterday, it came back up. U.S. stock prices trimmed gains after the release of the minutes but quickly recovered...

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And A Bit More Strength To Ponder

Despite the dirty facts on the ground, the breathless media is amazingly quiet. Perhaps it has lost interest in the constant warfare in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine. Maybe the news hasn’t played out as a thriller with the market. Given the recent market rebound, it is not a bad conclusion to draw – the market is simply not interested in the dirty facts. And really, why would it be? As I...

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What’s Not to Like About the Market?

The market overall had quite the day yesterday and how about that NASDAQ? Hitting a 14-year high is quite impressive, given that the index fell so far from grace in 2000, just 14 short years ago. Perhaps the NASDAQ is providing a clue as to where the money is beginning to flow. Better yet, a clue as to where the money is returning. It appears today is a follow up day for the bulls. Right out...

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Is It Coming Down to Oil?

It appears the Kurds are kicking some Islamic State butt over there in the oil regions of the world, specifically Iraq. And I guess Libya’s militias have figured out that shutting down their oil production is not really good for their country. And Iran seems to understand the only way they get back into the oil business is to let IAEA inspectors in to their plutonium business. Russia seems...

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What is One to Make of the Market Today?

Up and then down like a rock in water the market did go this morning. Arriving first and driving the market up was the news that Putin was playing nice again and Iraq was finding its way to a coalition government. Emerging-market stocks rose for a fourth day as President Vladimir Putin said Russia will do all it can to end the Ukraine conflict, spurring speculation tension will ease. Tribal...

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It’s All About to Change

There hasn’t been much in the financial news lately about earnings. That’s too bad because of all the things the market cares about, or should care about, earnings top the list, or should top the list.   … there are about a zillion ways to measure stock market valuation. Therefore, like art, the judgment of whether or not stocks are "expensive" or "cheap" usually lies in the eyes of the...

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