The Top Five Reasons Why You Should be Trading in Your IRA

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From sophisticated traders to financial neophytes to every type of investor in between, 46 million American households owned at least one type of IRA accounting for over $6.5 trillion in assets at the end of 2013. However, across all demographics people tend to ignore their IRAs and very few have a systematic method for growing their nest egg. Yet what could be more important than enabling a comfortable retirement? Passive investment management could be crippling your future.

Ironically, traders who actively trade with a cash account often fail to use the same management style for their retirement accounts. While many people will consult a financial professional, so few are aware that even novice traders can actively manage a portion of their IRA. And no, that doesn’t involve spending all day in front of your computer-you can spend as little as an hour a week to take control. Here are just five of the numerous reasons why you should be trading in your IRA account.