Wealth Busters: 5 Trading Cliches That Can Keep You From Building Wealth

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Thanks to Google, we can get the “truth” on any subject with just a few taps on the keyboard. Type “How to Make Money Trading” in the search bar, and voilà, there’s 185 million entries touting the “can’t miss strategies” and “profit hacks.”

Yes, buried deep within the millions of posts there are genuine pearls of wisdom and legitimate trading truisms. But as we know, the internet can be full of misinformation, scams and outright wrong data. The overhyped trading clichés that appear so often on the front pages of your internet search have been dreamed up by marketers and SEO consultants (not traders) to lead you to buy their products or offerings.

Profitable trading over the long haul won’t come by blindly following the herd. A well-crafted strategy, the proper trading tools, and a sound risk/money management plan are the corner stones to success. This e-book provides an in depth discussion of five common trading clichés and how to avoid them. Once you eschew this “popularly followed wisdom” you can then begin to right your financial ship.