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Total number of shares traded for a security on a given day.

Order Flow

Refers to the trade orders sent by brokers to market makers. 


Symbol for Standard & Poor's 100 Cash Index.

Net Position

The difference in a trader's open long and open short positions in a specific option or stock. 


The action of a trader to pledge assets (securities) as collateral for a margin account, without the transference of posession. 

Extrinsic Value

The portion of a stock option's price beyond the option's intrisic value based upon aspects such as length of contract and implied volatility. 

Condor Spread

A neutral options trading strategy similar to a Butterfly Spread, comprised of four contracts, each transacted at different strike prices with the same expiration date. 

Binomial Model

An options valuation method that designates specific points in time within the time span of the valuation date to expiration. 


A stock sector that is comprised of privatized gas, electricity and water industries. 

Thematic Investing

A strategy that involves making investment decisions based on global prevailing trends (or macroeconomic themes) rather than historical performance. 


Possessing assets in excess of liabilities. 

Profit Warning

Company announcement indicting that actual profits are likely to be lower than forecasted projections.


A field fo economics specializing in the study of aggregate economies rather the behaviors of individuals or markets. Focuses on factors such as unemployment, rate of growth, inflation and national income. 

Lagging Indicator

Refers to the time delay between what a technical indicator shows and the current price action of a given market. Generally used by traders to gauge strength of trends. 


A collection of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) adminstrated by BlackRock. 

Investment Grade

Rating system for stocks or bonds designated as lower risk for investors. 


Shares of organizations incorporated within mainland China that are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Hang Sang Index

The pominent stock market index for Hong Kong. 


A financial ratio that compares an investor's equity (capital) to active debt to determine level of risk. 

Earnings Momentum

Term applied to accelerated or declining revenue growth in Earnings Per Share. 

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