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Symbol for US Dollar Index.


Consumer goods that are not purchased frequently, that last an extended period of time (beyond three years). 


An exchange transaction where price of current transaction is lower that the last previous transaction.


Analyst(s) announcement reflecting a negative opinion of the desirability of a stock as an investment.

Down Volume

Signifies when a stock's volume closes at a price lower than that of the previous day's close.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

Comprised of thirty stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq, this is a weighted average of their current market prices.

Double Top

A price chart pattern that resembles a 'M', it identifies a peak of a security's price, followed by a drop, then a rebound back to the same level as that of the original peak.

Double Bottom

A price chart pattern that resembles a 'W', it identifies a drop of a security's price, followed by a rebound, then a drop back to the same level as that of the original drop.

Dollar Cost Averaging

A disciplined strategy that reduces risk where an investor contributes a fixed amount into a particular investment at regular, consistent intervals over time, thereby averaging the price paid for the instrument over that period.


A frequent pattern found in Candlestick price charts, where an opening and closing price for a price bar are nearly identical.


A distribution of after tax profit by a company to it's shareholders based upon class of stock and the amount of shares owned.


A risk management strategy that involves having a variety of investment types within a portfolio.


When two or more indicators move in different directions, failing to identify a directional trend.


A company's payment of capital gains or dividends. Typically distributed to shareholders at least once a year.

Distribution Line

A predictive technical indicator that evaluates increasing trade volume as a forecast of increasing stock prices.

Displaced Moving Average

A technical indicator that shifts the plotting of a Simple Moving Average by a specific period, to the left or right of where the SMA would ordinarily plot.

Discretionary Account

A brokerage account where a client grants their investment manager the authority to make all decisions on how their portfolio is managed. 

Discount Rate

The interest rate at which banks may borrow funding from the Federal Reserve.

Discount Bond

A bond that is selling Bonds selling at a price below it's face value.

Directional Movement Index

A technical indicator designed by J. Welles Wilder that identifies trend in financial instruments.

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