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Hook Reversal

A Candlestick price bar pattern identified by a higher low and a lower high than the previous day's candle bar.


A Candlestick price bar pattern represented by a short height body with a long lower wick and little to know upper wick,

Head & Shoulders

A technical analysis term that refers to the chart pattern where a price peak is preceded and followed by two shorter peaks at the resistance level. The pattern typically signals a trend reversal.

Hidenburg Omen

A technical indicator developed to forecast a potential market crash.

Hostile Takeover

An acquisition of a target company against the will of its management.


An investment strategy to reduce risk of loss by taking an offsetting position in a related instrument.

High-Yield Bond

Commonly referred to as "Junk Bonds", they are a financial instrument that promotes higher yields due to the higher risk for default.


Shares of organizations incorporated within mainland China that are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


The action of a trader to pledge assets (securities) as collateral for a margin account, without the transference of posession. 


The component of the price quote that appears for the bid and the offer for a currency.

Historical Volatility

The measure of how an underlying asset has moved in the past.

Hang Sang Index

The pominent stock market index for Hong Kong. 

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