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Issued Stock

The complete amount of stock shares sold and held by shareholders which include company insiders and the public.

Island Reversal

A Candlestick chart pattern where a security's price gaps up or down, moves hgher than this price, then gaps up or down below the starting price.


A collection of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) adminstrated by BlackRock. 

Investment Grade

Rating system for stocks or bonds designated as lower risk for investors. 

Investment Advisor

An individual or firm that provides investment recommendations or analysis for a fee, to clients. U.S. based investment advisers must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Inverse Relationship

A correlation between two values where an increase in one results in a decrease in the other.

Intrinsic Value

The hypothetical value of a company that factors in the value of future cash flows. In options trading, this refers to the difference in an option's Strike Price and market value of the underlying asset.

Intraday Trading

Style of trading that is short-term, where buy and sell orders are transacted within a single day.


A mathematical process where related, known data is used to forecast an unknown value such as a security's price or yield.

Intermarket Analysis

As a subset of Technical Analysis, this is the study of correlations between major asset classes to determine trend direction strength in a specific asset being traded. 

Interest Rate

The premium charged by a lender for the borrowing of funding.

Interbank Rate

Foreign Exchange Interest charged for short-term loans transacted between banks.

Institutional Investor

Large organizations (Mutual,Pension or Endowment funds, Insurance companies, Commercial Trusts, Investment Banks) with large amounts of capital to invest in securities, commodities or foreign exchange for it's own benefit or that of it's clients.

Insider Trading

The prevalent definition of insider trading is the illegal action by individuals who through the scope of their work with a company, executes trades based on non-public information.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The first availability of stock offered by a private company seeking capital to support its growth, to the public.

Inflection Point

A circumstance that influences change in a company's progress, for better or worse.


The sustained rate at which overall prices for goods and services are increasing while purchasing power decreases.

Index Fund

A mutual fund constructed to match the performance of an index of securities.


An unconditional contract between a bond issuer and bondholder that details terms of the bond.


An option contract that has a strike price greater than share price of the underlying asset.

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