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Long-Term Bond

A bond that reaches maturity in excess of ten years.

Logarithmic Chart

A chart where price scale is skewed so that a specific distance represents a fixed change in price. Commonly used to express exponential changes in the magnitude of numbers (prices).

Loan Stock

A stock which carries a fixed interest rate.

Limit Order

A type of trade order that instructs to buy or sell a specific number of shares at or above a specified price. The transaction is only executed when the price reaches the criteria specified.


Borrowed funding to increase the potentiali return for an investment.

Long Position

Describes an active position in a security where the investor's sentiment is that the price will go up, resulting in profit.

Liquidity Risk

Describes the liability where a company may face difficulty in converting an asset to cash to meet short term financial demands.


London Interbank Offer Rate, used as the base rate for international lending.

Listed Securities

National Exchange traded securities.

Linear Regression

Predictive analysis that conveys the correlation between one dependent variable and one or more independent variables.

Lagging Indicator

Refers to the time delay between what a technical indicator shows and the current price action of a given market. Generally used by traders to gauge strength of trends. 

Large-Cap Stocks

Shares of a company with market capitalization in excess of $10 billion.


The fee assessed for the purchase or redemption of shares in a mutual fund.


The last traded price of a security.


The lowest closing price for a security over a specific period of time.


The process of converting assets into cash.

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