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Russell 2000 Index

A market index representing the performance of two thousand small-cap stocks.

Rules of Fair Practice

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's rules for members applicable to customer obligations.


The purchase and later sale of a futures contract, stock or other financial instrument.

Round Lot

A unit of trading 100 shares or any group of stock shares divisible by 100.


a. Within the Forex market, this is the interest earned when holding a position overnight.

b. The transference of funds from one individual retirement account to another without tax consequences.


An investment's uncertainty relating to financial returns and potential loss.

Rising Bottoms

A price chart pattern that represents a security's low price increasing each day for a sustained number of days.

Rights Issue

New stock issuance by a company to shareholders based on their existing, proportional share holdings for a specific time frame and at a specific price.


Change in option value that results from a change in interest rates.

Reverse Stock Split

Also known as a stock merge, this describes the process where shares of stock are merged to form a smaller amount of proportional, more valuable shares.


The total amount of fees earned by a company through the sale of its product and services.

Revenue Bond

A type of municipal bond that are issued for a public project where the debt is repaid via the proceeds from the funded project.


An official increase to a country's currency exchange rate to reflect current market value.


A financial instrument's price movement in the opposite direction of the prevailing trend.

Retail Investor

An individual who trades using personal wealth resources, rather than institutional.

Restricted Securities

Unregistered shares issued to company executives which are non-transferalble and must be traded according to SEC regulations.

Resistance Level

The failure of a stock price to move beyond a certain level.

Renko Chart

Designed by the Japanese, this is a price chart which exclusively plots price movement, excluding time and volume.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Designed by J. Welles Wilder, Jr., this is a momentum oscillator that compares recent gains to recent losses to help identify the presence of overbought or oversold territory.

Relative Strength

A technical analysis calculation that represents a ratio of a stock's price to that of a market index, such as the S&P 500.

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