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A acronym for the German index of the 30 leargest stocks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Covered Put

A bearish trading strategy invollving the writing of put options while shorting an e quivalent amount of the underlying stock.

Breakaway Gap

A blank space which appears above or below the price bars on a price chart that signifies that a new trend has begun.

Federal Reserve Board (Fed)

A Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve System in Washington D.C. appointed by the President that establishes monetary policy and monitors the economy.

Corporate Bond

A bond issued by a corporation to raise financing.

Accrual Bond

A bond sold at a substantial discount on its face value and pays no coupons. Although there is no actual cash flow , the presumptive interest on an accrual bond is taxable under U.S. tax laws.

Discount Bond

A bond that is selling Bonds selling at a price below it's face value.

Long-Term Bond

A bond that reaches maturity in excess of ten years.

Serial Bond

A bond that reaches maturity over several years.

Short Term Bond

A bond that reaches maturity within 5 years.

Baby Bond

A bond with a face value lower than $1k.

Margin Call

A broker or bank's demand that a client deposit additional funding or securities to cover potential losses.


A broker's instruction (order) to buy or sell at the prevalent bid or ask at the time the order is processed. 


A broker's instruction (order) to fill the order at a specific price or above.

Member Firm

A Broker-Deaker where at least one of the company's principals are a member of a clearing house organization, stock exchange, or self-regulating agency.

Market Maker

A Broker-Dealer that is prepared to buy and sell a specific stock at any time, on a sustained, consistent basis with a firm ask and bid price.

Discretionary Account

A brokerage account where a client grants their investment manager the authority to make all decisions on how their portfolio is managed. 


A by-product of poorly executed trades, this is the difference between the order price and the actual execution price of a security.

Shooting Star

A Candlestick bar chart price pattern indicating a reversal, identified by a short black body with a long wick upwards.

Spinning Top

A Candlestick chart bar pattern represented by a short body with short wicks of nearly equal proportions upwards and downwards. It signifies market uncertainty with the security.

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