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Competitive Tender

Where different companies are asked to competiitively bid for a contract, especially for government or local government work.


When two or more indicators move in different directions, failing to identify a directional trend.

Out of the Money

When the current price of the underlying security is below the current strike price of the option.

False Breakout

When a stock's price closes outside of a range then reverts to fall within the expected range.

Restricted Securities

Unregistered shares issued to company executives which are non-transferalble and must be traded according to SEC regulations.


Unit of price for foreign currency -- refers to digits added or subtracted from the fourth decimal place.

Savings Bond

U.S. government issued bond sold to the public.

American Depository Receipt (ADR)

U.S. bank held certificate(s) representing foreign stock shares traded on a U.S. stock exchange.


Type of order stipulating execution of the entire quantity at specified price (or better), or none at all. It is employed to prevent partial filled orders.

Currency Pair

Two currencies which comprise a foreign exchange rate. For example, USD/CAD.

Overnight Position

Trading positions that are held overnight, remaining open until the next trading day.


Total number of shares traded for a security on a given day.


Total monetary value of all stocks and bonds issued by a corporation.

Annual Percentage Yield(APY)

Total income that an investment earns annually. Typically represents the total earnings of cash accounts such as money market funds or savings accounts, and returns from bonds and stocks.


To remove the prevalent tendency of a segment of statistical data relative to time.

Base Currency

This is the first currency listed in a Forex currency pair. It serves as the basis for which the currency exchange rate will be quoted.

Assymetrical Distribution

This is imbalance of variable values that are occurring at irregular frequencies where the mode, mean and media are also at different points.

Forward Points

These are exchange rate points that reflect the difference between interest rates of two currencies. Forward Points are the basis points that are added or subtracted from the spot rate for a forward exchange transaction.

FT-SE 100 Share Index

The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index is an aggregation of 100 blue chip companies traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Current Assets

The value of all assets that can be converted to cash within a year.

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