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Zero Coupon CD

A Certificate of Deposit that defers interest payment until maturity.

Zero Coupon Bond

A long-term fixed income security that are purchased at a price below their face value and matures at face value.


Base unit of currency for China.


The option contract's seller.

Weighted Close

A technical indicator that calculates the average change in a security's price by applying more value towards the closing prices of that security.

Weighted Average

A mathematical average calculated from the multiplication of each data element by a value representing its importance.


A price chart pattern comprised of two converging lines that connects high and low points on a chart that appears as a triangle.


A certificate issued by a company that gives the holder the option of buying stock shares at a specific Strike price until expiration.


Total number of shares traded for a security on a given day.


An assessment of Risk based upon the Standard Deviation of the asset's Return.


How much the price of an option will change in relation to the volatility of the underlying asset.


The measurement of how far each data element in the data set is away from its mean (average value).

Value At Risk (VAR)

Measurement of the financial risk associated with one or more investments over a specific time frame. It estimates the amount of assets needed for collateral to offset losses.


The act of determining the current worth of an asset or company.


A stock sector that is comprised of privatized gas, electricity and water industries. 


A fluctuation in a securities price which is higher than the previous transaction.

Up Volume

A security that closes a day of trading activity at a higher volume level than at that day's opening price.

Unlisted Security

A financial security that has not met exchange requirements to be listed on the exchange.


A financial instrument (Stocks, Futures, Commodities, etc.) that formulates the basis for a Derivative's (such as Options) price.

Uncovered Put

A strategy where the trader sells a Put Option without having a Short position in the underlying Stock.

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