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Bullish Divergence

Occurring within an uptrend, when two technical indicators move in opposition to each other, signaling a near term change in trend.

Bull Flag

A price chart pattern that occurs within an uptrend that produces a uniform price decline of lower tops and lower bottoms.

Bull Correction

A short-lived price retracement in a market that is rising.

Breakaway Gap

A blank space which appears above or below the price bars on a price chart that signifies that a new trend has begun.


On a price chart, this is the lowest price reached by a security over a specific time frame.

Bollinger Bands®

Designed by John Bollinger, this technical indicator measures volatility by plotting lines two standard deviations away from a Simple Moving Average.

Bearish Engulfing Pattern

A Candlestick price chart pattern where a large black candlestick fully engulfs a small white candlestick appearing just prior.

Bearish Divergence

Occuring within a bear market cycle, two technical indicators are moving in opposing directions signaling an approaching change in trend.

Bear Flag

A price chart pattern that represents asharp downtrend on high volume followed by generally sideways activity of gradually higher highs and higher lows.

Bear Market Correction

A long-term market trend where the prices of securities have declined by a significant (15-20)percentage and drives sustained pessimism among investors.

Average True Range

Designed by J. Welles Wilder, this is a technical indicator that measures volatility in Commodities markets.

Average Directional Index

A techncial indicator designed by J. Welles Wilder that measures the strength or weakness of a trend.

Assymetrical Distribution

This is imbalance of variable values that are occurring at irregular frequencies where the mode, mean and media are also at different points.

Ascending Channel

Price data activity where high and low prices are trending upwards for a sustained period of time

Arms Index

A market sentiment indicator designed by Richard Arms that evaluates Advance/Decline data and trading volume.

Arithmetic Mean

The result of adding a sum of numbers then dividing by the number of elements in the group.

Advancing Volume

Represents the trading volume for all Advancing Issues on an Exchange or Index for a given day.

Advancing Issues

A quantity of securities that have increased in price during a specific time frame.

Zero Coupon CD

A Certificate of Deposit that defers interest payment until maturity.

Zero Coupon Bond

A long-term fixed income security that are purchased at a price below their face value and matures at face value.