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Consumer goods that are not purchased frequently, that last an extended period of time (beyond three years). 

Discretionary Account

A brokerage account where a client grants their investment manager the authority to make all decisions on how their portfolio is managed. 


Plunging market prices driven by a crisis that adversely impacts investor confidence in the markets. 


The exchange of paper certificates for securities to an electronic format. 

Demand Pull Inflation

A term that describes price behavior due to an inbalance in the aggregate supply and demand of an economy. 


A financial institution that is responsible for protecting a client's financial assets to mimize risk of theft or loss. 

Cost Push Inflation

Inflation caused by rising prices in production expenses such as raw materials and labor. 

Closet Indexing

The practice of fund managers to construct a fund portfolio comprised of nearly the same securities as its benchmark index, to achieve performance similar to the benchmark index. 

Corporate Governance

The methods by which publicly traded companies are directed, regulated and controlled. 


The opposite of "Boom", this is a period of time where economic growth declines rapidly. 


The German term for "bond", this is a debt instrument issued by Germany's federal government that are similar to U.S. treasuries.

Broken Date

Describes a transaction date in a forward or money market contract that is outside of the standard maturity date. 


A time period of fast and strong economic growth.

Block Trade

A large amount of stocks or bonds (at least 10,000 shares) traded in a single transaction.

Absolute Return

An investment strategy designed to provide positive investment performance regardless of the market environment. 

Alternative Investments

Financial instruments other than cash, equities or bonds. Collectively, they are hedge funds, managed futures,  real estate or commodities investments.


An individual who specializes in statistical analysis to measure and manage risk. 

Intermarket Analysis

As a subset of Technical Analysis, this is the study of correlations between major asset classes to determine trend direction strength in a specific asset being traded. 

Aggregate Exercise Price

A put or call option's strike price multiplied by its contract size.


A broker's instruction (order) to buy or sell at the prevalent bid or ask at the time the order is processed. 

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