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Monte Carlo Simulation

An algorithmic model that provides probabilities for various, different outcomes through analyzing random data samples.

Mortgage Backed Securities

A type of security derivative that carries collateral in the form of a mortgage or a group of mortgages.

Moving Average

A technical analysis formula that calculates the mean of data for a specified time period by continually recomputing the mean as new values are added.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Designed by Gerald Appel, this is a technical indicator that compares values of two Exponential Moving Averages at periods of 26 and 12 respectively to reveal trend strength, direction and duration as well as momentum.

Municipal Bond

A debt security issued by local government to fund capital expenditures.

Mutual Fund

A professionally managed fund that combines the investments by a group of individuals to purchase securities, bonds or other assets.

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