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A condition or event which alerts traders to buy or sell a particular security.

Simple Moving Average: SMA

A technical mathematical formula that adds the closing prices over a range of time periods then divides by the total number of time periods.


The quantity magnitude of a trade order.


A by-product of poorly executed trades, this is the difference between the order price and the actual execution price of a security.

Slow Stochastic

A technical oscillator that tracks momentum by comparing closing prices for a given market over N periods of time.


Possessing assets in excess of liabilities. 


An exchange member who makes the market in a specific security.


An investor who willingly assumes substantial risk because of the optimism for gain.

Spinning Top

A Candlestick chart bar pattern represented by a short body with short wicks of nearly equal proportions upwards and downwards. It signifies market uncertainty with the security.

Spot Market

A public financial marketplace where financial instruments are traded for immediate delivery. 

Spot Price

The current market price of an asset for immediate delivery.


The difference between the bid and the ask price for a security.

Standard Deviation

A statistic that measures the variability of an investment's return against it's historical average return.


A mathematical formula where one or more of the variables are random. It is employed to forecast probabilities of different outcomes.


A financial security that is a share ownership in a corporation representing a proportional claim to the assets and profits of the organization.

Stock Dividend

A proportional distribution of a company's earnings in the form of stock issuance.

Stock Split

The issuance of more stock shares by a company to existing stock shareholders to add liquidity and lower share price.

Stock Yield

The rate of income for a stock paid through Dividends.

Stop Limit Order

A merge of a stop order and a limit order where once the stop price is reached, a limit order is executed to buy or sell at the limit price or better.

Stop Order

An order that become executable when a security has reached or gone past a pre-determined price and is filled at current market price.