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A broker's instruction (order) to fill the order at a specific price or above.

Adding to a Loser

Increasing an active position in a given market although the price direction is opposite of the trader's wishes.

90/10 Strategy

An investment strategy where 90% of the trader's investment capital is in interest-bearing, low risk financial instruments and the remaining 10% is placed in higher risk investments.


Base unit of currency for China.

Prime Rate

The rate of interest that U.S. banks collect from their best rated customers.


An agreement to exchange one currency for another, at a specified rate of exchange.

Spot Market

A public financial marketplace where financial instruments are traded for immediate delivery. 

Short Covering

The action of a trader to buy securities that they previously sold short, in order to close the position.


a. Within the Forex market, this is the interest earned when holding a position overnight.

b. The transference of funds from one individual retirement account to another without tax consequences.


An official increase to a country's currency exchange rate to reflect current market value.

Retail Investor

An individual who trades using personal wealth resources, rather than institutional.


A prevalent retracement in a trending market before continuing in the same direction.


Unit of price for foreign currency -- refers to digits added or subtracted from the fourth decimal place.

Overnight Position

Trading positions that are held overnight, remaining open until the next trading day.


London Interbank Offer Rate, used as the base rate for international lending.


Borrowed funding to increase the potentiali return for an investment.

Interbank Rate

Foreign Exchange Interest charged for short-term loans transacted between banks.


The component of the price quote that appears for the bid and the offer for a currency.

Gross National Product

The total value of goods and services produced by a nation within one year, comprised of the Gross Domestic Product plus net income from foreign investments.

Gross Domestic Product

The value of a country's finished goods and services produced within its borders, within a specific period of time.

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