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Name given to the grouping of these 7 nations - United States, Germany, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Canada.

FTSE 100

Abbreviation for the United Kingdom 100 Index.

Forward Points

These are exchange rate points that reflect the difference between interest rates of two currencies. Forward Points are the basis points that are added or subtracted from the spot rate for a forward exchange transaction.

Foreign Exchange

The simultaneous transaction of buying one currency and selling another, occurring on the global marketplace referred to as "Forex" or "FX".


Federal Open Market Committee of the U.S. Federal Reserve that establishes monetary policy.


Point at which an order is fully executed.

Fair Value

Denotes the difference when comparing the price of a derivative contract to the the price of the underlying cash market price.


A class of stock shares where the next dividend is assigned to the seller, not the buyer.


The currency of nations belonging to Eurozone.

Economic Indicator

A statistic used by investors to evaluate future trends in a nation's economy.


Symbol for US Dollar Index.


An official reduction in value of a country's currency within a fixed exchange rate system, relative to another currency.


An asset's decline in value over time.


The removal of a stock's listing on an exchange.


The amount by which a resource (usually monetary), falls short of a specified amount. A deficit is the opposite of surplus.


A live trade transaction completed at current market price as opposed to an order.

Currency Risk

Also known as Exchange Rate Risk, it describes the probability of currency value depreciation and the adverse affects on the investor's portfolio.

Currency Pair

Two currencies which comprise a foreign exchange rate. For example, USD/CAD.

Country Risk

Liability associated with cross-border transactions as a result of legal,political or other conditions.

Counter Currency

The currency listed second in a Forex currency pair.

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