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Cash Delivery

Same day settlement of a trade occuring in the Forex markets.

Weighted Close

A technical indicator that calculates the average change in a security's price by applying more value towards the closing prices of that security.

Weighted Average

A mathematical average calculated from the multiplication of each data element by a value representing its importance.


A price chart pattern comprised of two converging lines that connects high and low points on a chart that appears as a triangle.


An assessment of Risk based upon the Standard Deviation of the asset's Return.


The measurement of how far each data element in the data set is away from its mean (average value).

Value At Risk (VAR)

Measurement of the financial risk associated with one or more investments over a specific time frame. It estimates the amount of assets needed for collateral to offset losses.


The act of determining the current worth of an asset or company.

Up Volume

A security that closes a day of trading activity at a higher volume level than at that day's opening price.

Triple Top

A price chart bar pattern consisting of three equal Highs followed by a price move downward.

Triple Bottom

A price chart bar pattern consisting of three equal lows followed by a price move upwards.


A line drawn on a price bar chart at pivot highs or lows that provides a visual representation of the general direction of the trend.

Technical Indicator

A graphical decision support tool applied to a price bar chart that takes various forms (based on formulas) to predict a market's behavior.

Synchronous Data

Elements of a data set collected at the same time. In trading, this is typically applied to trades, where calculations can be applied to test strategies for options trading.

Accumulative Swing Index

A technical indicator designed by J. Welles Wilder that quantifies the breakout potential of a given market. The current Open, High, Low and Close are compared to the prices of a previous period, with results plotted on a scale of 0 to +100 and 0 to  -100. 

Structural Pivot

A price chart pattern consisting of three price bars that indicates a trend reversal. A pivot from from a high suggests resistance where a pivot from a low suggests support.


A mathematical formula where one or more of the variables are random. It is employed to forecast probabilities of different outcomes.

Spinning Top

A Candlestick chart bar pattern represented by a short body with short wicks of nearly equal proportions upwards and downwards. It signifies market uncertainty with the security.

Slow Stochastic

A technical oscillator that tracks momentum by comparing closing prices for a given market over N periods of time.

Simple Moving Average: SMA

A technical mathematical formula that adds the closing prices over a range of time periods then divides by the total number of time periods.

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