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A market analysis approach that uses visual statistical data of securities prices as a decision support tool in making trades based on price trend.

Auction Market

A market in which buyers specify the highest price they will pay and sellers indicate the lowest price they will accept. A transaction occurs when the buyer and seller reach an agreement on price. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) operates as an Auction Market.

Russell 2000 Index

A market index representing the performance of two thousand small-cap stocks.

Arms Index

A market sentiment indicator designed by Richard Arms that evaluates Advance/Decline data and trading volume.

Weighted Average

A mathematical average calculated from the multiplication of each data element by a value representing its importance.


A mathematical formula where one or more of the variables are random. It is employed to forecast probabilities of different outcomes.


A mathematical model for determining prices where a security is overbought or oversold. By identifying the extreme high and low prices, an oscillator can issue buy and sell signals when market activity nears either level.


A mathematical process where related, known data is used to forecast an unknown value such as a security's price or yield.

Stop Limit Order

A merge of a stop order and a limit order where once the stop price is reached, a limit order is executed to buy or sell at the limit price or better.

Fourier Analysis

A method of anlayzing periodic waves through leveraging Trigonometric functions.

Quantitative Analysis

A method of investing where decisions are based upon analysis of measurable statistics through complex mathematical formulas calculated programmatically by computers.

Derivative Pricing Model

A method that analyzes several factors to propose the fair price of a futures or options contract. The best-known example is the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model.

Technical Analysis

A methodology that evaluates market activity through historical price data and volume to forecast future price movements.

Commodity Channel Index

A momentum oscillator designed by Donald Lambert that identifies cycle turns in commodities markets.

Tax Exempt Bond

A municipal bond issued by state or local governments where interest payments are tax exempted.

Index Fund

A mutual fund constructed to match the performance of an index of securities.

No-Load Fund

A mutual fund where shares may be bought or sold void of commission or sales fees.

Sector Fund

A mutual fund which invests entirely within a singular industry sector.

Growth and Income Funds

A mutual fund with a purpose of providing both income and growth by investing in companies that have demonstrated earnings growth and consistent dividend payouts.


A naming convention for the risk variable measurements of open Option positions. See: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Rho and Theta.

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