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Condor Spread

A neutral options trading strategy similar to a Butterfly Spread, comprised of four contracts, each transacted at different strike prices with the same expiration date. 


A neutral position for a security that is neither short or long.

Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)

A non-profit insurance company that provides protection for investors' accounts with brokerage firms.

Market Technicians Association

A non-profit organization that exclusively provides the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Program for professionals advancing their study of technical analysis theory and ethical practices within the investment community.

Fibonacci Numbers

A numerical pattern in a series where beginning with 0 and 1, the sequence of subsequent numbers are derived from the sum of the previous two.

Back-End Load

A percentage fee that investors pay when redeeming mutual fund shares within a specified duration, typically 5 to 10 years.


A period of time where a security trades below Resistance or above Support.


A predictive mathematical equation that describes correlation between a dependent variable and an independent variable. Regression analysis is employed to forecast change.

Distribution Line

A predictive technical indicator that evaluates increasing trade volume as a forecast of increasing stock prices.


A prevalent retracement in a trending market before continuing in the same direction.

Triple Top

A price chart bar pattern consisting of three equal Highs followed by a price move downward.

Triple Bottom

A price chart bar pattern consisting of three equal lows followed by a price move upwards.

Cup and Handle

A price chart continuation pattern that identifies a Consolidation period followed by a Breakout.


A price chart pattern comprised of two converging lines that connects high and low points on a chart that appears as a triangle.

Structural Pivot

A price chart pattern consisting of three price bars that indicates a trend reversal. A pivot from from a high suggests resistance where a pivot from a low suggests support.

Key Reversal

A price chart pattern occurring with stocks where the Open price is above the previous day's High, continues to rise, then falls below the previous day's Low OR Open price is lower than previous day's Low, continues to decline, then rebounds to exceed the previous day's High.


A price chart pattern resembling a pole with a flag (pennant), the pattern identifies a strong trend and is characterized by increasing lower highs and higher lows.

Bull Flag

A price chart pattern that occurs within an uptrend that produces a uniform price decline of lower tops and lower bottoms.

Rising Bottoms

A price chart pattern that represents a security's low price increasing each day for a sustained number of days.

Bear Flag

A price chart pattern that represents asharp downtrend on high volume followed by generally sideways activity of gradually higher highs and higher lows.