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Chikou Span

A lagging technical indicator which is an element of theIchimoku Kinko Hyo indicator that plots price movement 26 periods behind the most recent closing price.

Choppy Market

Price chart action that swings up and down at a high frequency, but resulting price movement remains neutral.


All options of the same type (call or put), for a particular stock, index fund or futures security.

Clearing Corporation

An agency or company associated with an exchange to manage confirmation, settlement and delivery of transactions.


Refers to the price at which a financial instrument or an overall market ended a period of trading.

Close End Fund

A fund with a finite amount of share capital -- additional shares cannot be issued or redeemed based on fluctuating demand.

Closet Indexing

The practice of fund managers to construct a fund portfolio comprised of nearly the same securities as its benchmark index, to achieve performance similar to the benchmark index. 

Collateral Trust Bond

Short term debt instrument secured by stocks or bonds that is held by a trustee for the holders of the bond.


A commodity is any good that is identical from any producer, where producers engage in price competition. They are used in the production of other goods or services.

Commodity Channel Index

A momentum oscillator designed by Donald Lambert that identifies cycle turns in commodities markets.

Commodity Currency

Currencies from countries that possess large quantities of natural resources, where their economies are directly correlated to the export of these natural resources -- Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Common Stock

Is a financial instrument issued by a company representing partial ownership of that company. The holder is given voting privileges on corporate strategy and board of directors.

Competitive Tender

Where different companies are asked to competiitively bid for a contract, especially for government or local government work.

Condor Spread

A neutral options trading strategy similar to a Butterfly Spread, comprised of four contracts, each transacted at different strike prices with the same expiration date. 


A period of time where a security trades below Resistance or above Support.


In charting, the movement of a financial instrument's price within established price level barriers for a period of time, which concludes when the price breaks out of either barrier.

Consumer Price Index

A statistical measure of retail price changes, derived from a weighted average of prices for segments of consumer goods and services such as healthcare, transportation, and food.


The probability that an economic crisis in one market will move to another market.

Continuation Chart

Common to price charts for Futures contracts, the historical price scale is adjusted to collapse transitions from one contract to the next.


The movement of a futures contract's price towards the underlying cash commodity's spot price as delivery date gets closer.