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Double Top

A price chart pattern that resembles a 'M', it identifies a peak of a security's price, followed by a drop, then a rebound back to the same level as that of the original peak.

Double Bottom

A price chart pattern that resembles a 'W', it identifies a drop of a security's price, followed by a rebound, then a drop back to the same level as that of the original drop.


A price chart pattern where a security's price falls to a low, then increases from that low, suggesting the down trend has concluded.

Expanding Triangle

A price chart reversal pattern resembling a triangle that forms when top price increases and bottom price decreases move farther apart with each subsequent price bar.


A price chart that plots the merging of price and volume as one data point. Similar in format to a Candlestick bar chart, the height of the bar is representative of the high and low, while the width of the bar signifies volume.

Support Level

A price level determined by historical data where a security's price tends to stop falling.

Corrective Wave

A principle of Elliott Wave Theory, it's a set of security price movements that counter the main prevailing trend.

Mutual Fund

A professionally managed fund that combines the investments by a group of individuals to purchase securities, bonds or other assets.

Stock Dividend

A proportional distribution of a company's earnings in the form of stock issuance.

Spot Market

A public financial marketplace where financial instruments are traded for immediate delivery. 

Aggregate Exercise Price

A put or call option's strike price multiplied by its contract size.

Advancing Issues

A quantity of securities that have increased in price during a specific time frame.

Chapter 13

A re-payment plan for debtor's to settle their debts through installments to their creditors.

Regulation T

A regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission that applies to the issuance of new securities.


A risk management strategy that involves having a variety of investment types within a portfolio.

Odd Lot

A securities order which is less than the conventional 100 shares.

Up Volume

A security that closes a day of trading activity at a higher volume level than at that day's opening price.

Black Box

A self-contained trading system comprised of model-based formulas that are not revealed to the trader/user.

Fractional Shares

A share of equity that is only a portion of a full share, resulting from stock splits, corporate mergers or stock buyouts.

Bull Correction

A short-lived price retracement in a market that is rising.