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Convertible Issue

Provides the securities issue holder with the one-time choice to convert to another issue, usually common stock.

Corner a Market

Purchasing a substantial amount of shares of a stock for the purpose of manipulating price.

Corporate Bond

A bond issued by a corporation to raise financing.

Corporate Governance

The methods by which publicly traded companies are directed, regulated and controlled. 

Corrective Wave

A principle of Elliott Wave Theory, it's a set of security price movements that counter the main prevailing trend.


The measurement of the relationship between changes in two securities.

Cost Push Inflation

Inflation caused by rising prices in production expenses such as raw materials and labor. 

Counter Currency

The currency listed second in a Forex currency pair.

Country Risk

Liability associated with cross-border transactions as a result of legal,political or other conditions.


The rate of interest on a fixed income security or the detachable portion of a bearer's stock certificate, redeemable for dividends.

Coupon Yield

The interest rate, expressed as a percentage of the principal, stated on a fixed income security.

Covered Call

A trading strategy where by an investor sells call options against shares of stocks already owned.

Covered Put

A bearish trading strategy invollving the writing of put options while shorting an e quivalent amount of the underlying stock.

Crack Spread

A term associated with oil futures trading named after the chemical process of cracking (heating oil distilled to produce different grades of fuel). Crack spread is a hedge trade constructed by entering long in oil futures while at the same time, shorting heating oil and gasoline futures.


Plunging market prices driven by a crisis that adversely impacts investor confidence in the markets. 

Credit Agreement

The credit terms between broker and client relating to a margin account.

Cross Hedge

Hedging one financial instrument's risk by taking a position in a derivatives contract.


An occurance of a security's price crossing a boundary thought to be Bullish or Bearish.

Cumulative Dividends

An amount that publicly traded companies must remit to Preferred stock shareholders irregardless of earnings, in advance of dividends paid to Common stock shareholders. 

Cumulative Volume Index (CVI)

A technical indicator that tracks the movement of money into and out of the market for a given time frame.