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K Ratio

Designed by Lars Kestner, its a technical indicator that compares a security's return over time against risk.

Island Reversal

A Candlestick chart pattern where a security's price gaps up or down, moves hgher than this price, then gaps up or down below the starting price.

Inverse Relationship

A correlation between two values where an increase in one results in a decrease in the other.

Intraday Trading

Style of trading that is short-term, where buy and sell orders are transacted within a single day.


A mathematical process where related, known data is used to forecast an unknown value such as a security's price or yield.

Inflection Point

A circumstance that influences change in a company's progress, for better or worse.

Ichimoku Cloud

A technical indicator with five components (Tenkan-Sen, Kijun-Sen, Senkou Span A, Senkou Span B and Chickou Span) that is used to track momentum and forecast support and resistance.

Hook Reversal

A Candlestick price bar pattern identified by a higher low and a lower high than the previous day's candle bar.

Hidenburg Omen

A technical indicator developed to forecast a potential market crash.


A Candlestick price bar pattern represented by a short height body with a long lower wick and little to know upper wick,


A naming convention for the risk variable measurements of open Option positions. See: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Rho and Theta.

Gravestone Doji

A Candlestick chart pattern represented by a bar that contains identical open and close prices occuring at the low of the day.

Fourier Analysis

A method of anlayzing periodic waves through leveraging Trigonometric functions.

Force Index

An oscillator designed by Dr. Alexander Elder that measures the power behind price movements to identify potential changes in trend.

Fibonacci Numbers

A numerical pattern in a series where beginning with 0 and 1, the sequence of subsequent numbers are derived from the sum of the previous two.

False Breakout

When a stock's price closes outside of a range then reverts to fall within the expected range.

Exponential Moving Average

A technical indicator which modifies a simple moving average to give greater weight to the most recent price data.

Expanding Triangle

A price chart reversal pattern resembling a triangle that forms when top price increases and bottom price decreases move farther apart with each subsequent price bar.


A price chart that plots the merging of price and volume as one data point. Similar in format to a Candlestick bar chart, the height of the bar is representative of the high and low, while the width of the bar signifies volume.

Elliott Wave Theory

Formulated by Ralph Nelson Elliott, it is based on the philosophy that the stock market could be forecast through the study of a repetitive pattern of waves.