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Assessment Bond

A special Municipal bond used primarily for development projects, where the interest due to the lender is collected through taxes levied on the community benefiting from the development project.

Active Trading

A speculative trading strategy that buys and sells securities to take advantage of short-term movements in price on high demand markets such as stocks and currencies, typically within one day.

Standard Deviation

A statistic that measures the variability of an investment's return against it's historical average return.

Economic Indicator

A statistic used by investors to evaluate future trends in a nation's economy.

Consumer Price Index

A statistical measure of retail price changes, derived from a weighted average of prices for segments of consumer goods and services such as healthcare, transportation, and food.

Price Weighted Index

A stock index where each stock impacts the value of the index proportionate to it's price per share.


A stock sector that is comprised of privatized gas, electricity and water industries. 

Fill or Kill (FOK)

A stock transaction order instructing that a stock be bought or sold immediately in its entirety otherwise the entire order is automatically cancelled.

Loan Stock

A stock which carries a fixed interest rate.

Defensive Stock

A stock whose stable performance is not correlated with overall stock market performance.

Adjusted Closing Price

A stock's closing price on any specific day of trading that has been changed to include distribution and company activity that took place at any time prior to the next day's open.

Call Spread

A strategy constructed when an equal number of call options are bought and sold at the same time.

Thematic Investing

A strategy that involves making investment decisions based on global prevailing trends (or macroeconomic themes) rather than historical performance. 

Diagonal Spread

A strategy that is initiated through the simultaneous purchase and sale of two options of the same type (both calls or both puts) that have different expiration and strike prices.

Uncovered Put

A strategy where the trader sells a Put Option without having a Short position in the underlying Stock.

Average Directional Index

A techncial indicator designed by J. Welles Wilder that measures the strength or weakness of a trend.

Relative Strength

A technical analysis calculation that represents a ratio of a stock's price to that of a market index, such as the S&P 500.

Point and Figure

A technical analysis charting technique that plots price movements without time as a parameter. Easily identifiable by vertical columns of Xs and Os. Xs represent rising prices while Os represent falling prices.

Overbought\Oversold Indicator

A technical analysis decision support tool that identifies when prices for a financial asset have moved too far and/or too fast in either direction. It is calculated through the use of a moving average applied to the difference between advancing and declining issues.

Moving Average

A technical analysis formula that calculates the mean of data for a specified time period by continually recomputing the mean as new values are added.