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Roger Felton

Trading is a totally mental exercise.  Information is gathered and decisions are made based on the data at hand.  Many traders make these decisions “on the fly” once they are in a live trade.  That’s like checking for traffic once you’ve crossed the street.  This educational presentation will teach you how to plan your trade to the finest detail before you ever pull the trigger.  

Traders who perpetually struggle and fail all lack this vital knowledge that I will be sharing with you.  In this presentation, you will not only learn these three vital elements for long term success, but you will actually be applying them to the live market along with me and see for yourself the huge difference they make.

Remember, it’s just three things and you can learn them in minutes.  So make plans now to attend this info-packed presentation because it could very well make more difference in your trading success than anything else you have ever learned about trading.

About the Presenter

Roger Felton, President of Felton Trading, is well known in the trading community as an outstanding trader and trading instructor.  Roger has written a number of published articles in major trade magazines and is the author of "13 Critical Rules Every Trader Must Know" and "Winning (It's a Process, Not An Event)".  His communication skills, exemplary patience and tireless dedication to mentorship combined with his many decades of trading experience have made him one of the most effective trading instructors around.  Roger understands markets and their behavior...he's been trading for 36 years.  Roger's mastery of method development is well known and highly respected among professional traders.  He has a rare talent for not only being able to accurately predict strong market moves, but he also has the exceptional ability to teach that skill to virtually anyone with the passion to learn.


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