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Peter Davies

In this webinar, Peter Davies takes a look at why you might want to use Order Flow in your trading. He introduces simple, yet effective methods you can use to improve your trading edge.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • The “Levels Dilemma”, a look at common problems of trading pre-determined levels (and yes, you still have to do your homework).  How you can be right about the level but still miss the trade or get stopped out.
  • The trade-off between catching shortfalls at a level and taking on more risk. How order flow traders address this.
  • The conceptual events Order Flow Traders are using to confirm trades. The theory.
  • More is not always better. The benefits of sticking to the basics with Order Flow and the pitfalls of making a science of it.
  • Simple, practical and effective elements  of Order Flow that Peter Davies uses in his own trading
  • Large Traders, their stops and when they get trapped
  • “tuning into order flow” – what this means and how to achieve it
  • Refining an entry based on short term weakness
  • Techniques to manage a trade immediately after entry
  • Practical use of the Bids and Offers

Good traders get into trades and then they get out if a trade isn’t working. Many traders don’t know if a trade is working or not, whether a move against them has strength or a move their way has weakness. There is a tendency to hang on to losing trades “just in case”.  At the end of this webinar, you’ll have techniques you can apply to your trade entries. As well as seeing clearly when trades are obviously not working out, even if price hasn’t moved against you.

About the Presenter

Peter Davies entered the world of trading in the mid 2000's. After becoming disillusioned with the results attained by fund managers and financial advisors on his own portfolio, Peter figured that even losing money himself would be better than paying someone to lose it for him. Peter set about creating tools that presented Order Flow information in a more logical manner. After sharing these tools with friends, he was convinced to go commercial and Jigsaw Trading was born. These tools are now rated the number one overall financial product (out of 285) on the independent review site Investimonials. Peter is also the creator of Jigsaw's Order Flow Foundation course which is widely recommended by prop shops, trading educators and trading rooms.

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