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Dr. Kenneth Reid, Ph.D.

Trading is more difficult than most people expect. One reason is that most traders mistakenly focus on predicting market behavior. Not only is this a misguided goal, but in practical terms, the trader’s own behavior is often the most critical unpredictable variable, and it is the only one  that can be brought under control.

The primary difference between successful traders and those who flounder and eventually fail is a willingness to understand oneself, because self-knowledge is a prerequisite to self-mastery.Your Trader Personality is the lens through which you automatically (and unconsciously) interpret the behavior, intentions and opportunity flow of the market.

In the course of this free webinar you will be given the tools to identify your specific trader personality type (there are 5 main types and 24 subtypes), assess your strengths and weaknesses, and define a better behavioral path forward. And it’s all free.

About the Presenter

Dr. Kenneth Reid is a seasoned trader, trading coach and educator with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Reid began trading for his own account in 1996. In 2001 he was hired by a financial company in Connecticut as a model portfolio manager, newsletter editor and market strategist. He retired in 2012 to pursue his trading and coaching practice full time.  

Dr. Reid began coaching traders in 2002, working one-on-one with aspiring private traders seeking to advance themselves. An expert in the field of trading psychology, Dr. Reid has the ability to quickly identify the core issues that hold traders back, and, more importantly, help traders fix them.

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