Dec 31, 2016 | Volume 55, Issue 6

What You Can Learn from the Michael Jordan of Trading
by Alex Barrow
 There’s a handful of traders that can be considered part of the market “dream team”. Among them though, only one stands out as the Michael Jordan of the group. His name is Paul Tudor Jones (PTJ).  From Jack Schwager&r...

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Assessing the Probability of the Next Market Move: A Trader’s Best Practice
by Gary Dayton
Trading presents many challenges to traders.  One of the greatest challenges is accepting and operating in trading’s environment of risk and uncertainty. Daily Life In everyday life, many things appear routine ...
Fibonacci Retracement and Binary Options
by Janet Binary Trading Club
When it comes to Forex trading and technical analysis, one of the most well known tools is that of the Fibonacci retracement. The Fibonacci retracement relies on particular metrics which give an indication of support and resistance levels. Thes...
Improve Your Trading, Know Thyself
by Bob Lang
If you have been following me for some time then you know I'm all about learning, self-improvement and advancement in trading.  Eyes wide open, ears perked up.  Those who choose to move forward and become better are those who see the opportunity to learn at every turn, be it an obstacle or a wall.  We gain knowledge from each experience good or bad, we learn about ourselves an...
How to Fix Your Worst Investing Mistake - by Terry Tran
I love Warren Buffet’s quote, “the worst mistake you can make in stocks is to buy or sell based on current headlines.” Let me explain why this blunder is so problematic. Known as a ‘recency bias’ by... More
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