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Founded: 1999

My overriding objective has always been to make these trading techniques as easily understood as possible. If you should ever have any questions about the mentoring program, newsletter, or on-line course, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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The Pattern Trapper offers many FREE! & subscription based
market advisory and education services. Choose the ones
that best fit your interests and experience level.
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The FREE! Pattern Trapper Weekly Report
A free service that identifies Pattern Signals and significant price levels for the
S&P, Dow Jones, Russell, and T-Bond markets when conditions warrant.
The FREE! Daily Trend Trader Reports
Free daily reports for Futures, Forex, Stocks, and ETFs using a unique way of
measuring trend.
The Pattern Trapper On-Line Trading Course
An efficient and cost-effective way of learning Pattern Trapper trading methods.
The Pattern Trapper Futures Trading Newsletter
Daily commentary on the S&P, Dow Jones, Russell, and T-Bond futures markets
as well as Pattern Signals and significant price levels for 29 other markets.
The Pattern Trapper S&P Only Analysis
Daily commentary, Pattern Signals, and significant price levels for the S&P
futures market only. The same high quality report at a reduced price.
Pattern Trapper Indicator Packages
High probability intraday indicators available for various charting platforms.
Pattern Trapper ADVANCED Short Term Trading Strategies
powerful new series of indicators and a dynamic mentoring program designed
as a jump-start to successful day-trading in the Index Mini Futures Contracts.