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Industry:Market Analyst
Location:United States 
Founded: 2005

Mr. Palmerton is the founder of Baseline Analytics TrendFlex, a market trend-following system incorporating high-probability trend change signals. Robert is a Registered Investment Advisor. He is co-founder and advisor to The Absolute Return, LLC, which manages a family of absolute return portfolios.

Robert has over 25 years experience in Corporate Finance, holding positions as CFO, Director of Finance, Financial Management and Analysis roles for Fortune 500 and multi-national firms (ADP, Honeywell, BOC Group) as well as early-stage growth companies. Mr. Palmerton has raised equity and debt financing as a co-founder in three technology and services-based ventures.

Products & Services

Baseline Analytics TrendFlex provides a trend-following system incorporating high-probability trend change signals.

Economic and intermarket research
Sector timing
Stock and ETF selection

My Content

The S&P 500 hit a new high this week, gaining 1.6%.  Reviewing the Baseline Analytics Trend and Sentiment c...
An interesting pattern has emerged in the ratio of Small Cap stocks vs. Large Cap stocks. The Small Cap/Large Ca...
Although the major indices chalked-up a bounce last week, volume was tepid and the up/down profile as measured i...
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