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Greetings Fellow Traders!

I have been investing since 1987, right about the time of the OCT '87 crash, mostly mutual funds to start. I expanded my education and started trading stocks and bonds in the 90's. For the past three years, I have taken the plunge into options, and I have read dozens of books, watched too many videos to remember.
In the past year (2010) I wanted to diversify, and became interested in futures, especially commodity futures, grains, softs, energy and metals. Hit the library, the bookstore and the Internet to get educated --- talk about the good, the bad and the ugly!

I plan on posting information that I think will help the beginning futures and options trader. What I have found that I think has value, lists of books that I think are good, newsletters that I have found helpful, a warning now and then on things I am avoiding. I have also developed a straightforward futures trading plan that I will share, including how I pick entry and exits, and position sizing, including my general money management techniques.

I am certainly not an expert, although most "experts" should be avoided. We are all responsible for making our own trading decisions. But I think identifying information that is reliable, informative and helpful is one of the first steps to becoming a better trader, and I hope I can supply some insight from my trading education. Rest assured, I am making ZERO from this, and if I mention or recommend anything, I will be very clear on my associations.

If you ever have a question, suggestion, or comment, drop me a line



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