Entry points on VAntage Point

I am a recently new user to Vantage Point software. My question is ... when reviewing the data after end of business I see the forecasted market direction that's easy, it is the entry points that become more difficult, for example. The neural index says the specific  market should go up tomorrow you look at the forecasted high and low for the day plot that on your charts and low and behold the market is already at the high or the low.

You say to yourself I'll wait for a pull back and yet there is none it blows through the high or the low - do you set an entry point at the high or the low that it went through and continue with the forecasted direction?

How about when the chart is right in the middle of the high and the low do you set an entry point above the high and hope that it retraces back to it or do you set another entry point?

Thus far I have been great at settng entry points at positions that never get filled or i set the entry point at a place that gets filled and then makes a sizeable retracement kicking me out of the position.

Someone out there has had these challenges please let me know what I am missing - more imports there a mentoring program whith Vantage Point users that I can become involved with to discuss next day strategies in similar futures markets?

Confused but still starry eyed and hopeful. Scott