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Product: Top Dog Trading Courses
Category: Trading Education offers trading education for day traders and swing traders based on Dr. Barry Burns’ innovative methodology. Dr. Burns takes the complicated profession of trading and reduces it to a simple five class program. The trading methodology works for stocks, futures, and forex. Each class builds upon the previous courses. The curriculum includes:

I.                   Foundations Course #1: Cycles and Trends

This course offers the basics of Dr. Burns’ methodology and provides the foundation for the more advanced techniques taught later. This course teaches traders how to time the market and how to define clear entries and exits.

II.                Foundations Course #2: Momentum as a Leading Indicator

The prerequisite for this course is Course 1, “Cycles and Trends.” This course teaches traders to accurately and confidently read a leading indicator.

III.             Intermediate Level Course: Swing Trading with Confidence

Traders learn more advanced swing trading techniques. Focusing on volume and strength, this course teaches traders when to get in and when to get out.

IV.             Intermediate Level Course: Day Trading The Invisible Edge

This course teaches a high-level, professional day trading approach that focuses on giving traders that needed edge.  

V.                Top Dog Trading Advanced Course

A prerequisite for taking this course is that you must have taken Foundations Courses 1 and 2. This is an all-inclusive course that includes advanced trading techniques for stocks, forex, and futures traders, as well as day and swing traders.

also offer two additional courses designed to give traders more insight into traditional charting techniques.

  • Advanced Fibonacci Trading Made Simple
  • Advanced Candlestick Patterns Made Simple