Trading Education: Course - Review

Product: KJ Trading Systems: Strategy Factory Workshop

The common image of the algorithmic trader is an extremely well-capitalized quant with premium grade trading technology and lightning fast data access.

Yes, those algorithmic traders exist but there’s also individual traders without the huge technological assist or massive accounts using their methodology to be successful.

Kevin J. Davey is the champion of the smaller trader looking to compete with the big boys by using their systematic approach. Davey has been developing, analyzing, testing and creating trading strategies for over 25 years, in every futures market from the e-mini S&P to crude oil to corn to cocoa. Unlike most trading educators, he has verifiable proof of his trading acumen having won the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading.

His course The Strategy Factory™ Workshop is not your typical trading course. It is a complete workshop on proper algorithmic strategy development. It’s not cheap, but in the trading education world, as with almost anything, you get what you pay for.  There’s no shortage of trading education on the market but The Strategy Factory™ Workshop
gives you exactly what you need to be successful, from a battle tested and proven professional systems developer.

The Strategy Factory™ Workshop includes a full 1 Day Online Course (with a password protected recording link so attendees can watch again and again), 438 pages of material, 11 bonus videos and 7 helpful spreadsheets. The course covers:

  • How To Properly Test a Strategy
  • How To Build a Strategy
  • How to Find Trading Ideas
  • 4 Ways of Testing a Strategy
  • Live Trading Strategy

And much more, but the real value may be the fully disclosed code for three automated trading strategies. These are nearly identical to the strategies that Davey actually trades.  

Davey goes above and beyond to make sure attendees get every detail possible out of the class. He allows students to attend future online Strategy Factory workshops, at no additional cost and he offers four months of e-mail support and 30 minutes of one-on-one Skype calls.

This course isn’t for complete newbies. If you don’t understand the basics – how the markets operate or if you have never used trading software, then this isn’t the course for you.

But if you are a serious, process oriented trader looking for actionable advice, a comprehensive plan and takeaway strategies that have been proven to work, then The Strategy Factor Workshop™, despite the price, is one of the best values in the crowded trading education space.