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Product: VantagePoint Trading Software

VantagePoint Software Review

It’s simple. Successful traders benefit from knowing both the market’s trend and how long that trend may last. Even if you are a buy and hold investor, having a forecasting tool for market direction can dramatically improve your profits.

Enter VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software. It looks at the markets from a global perspective and determines how those markets are driving the trend direction for the stocks you trade. Whether you are a savvy options trader looking to do a spread in AAPL or a casual investor wanting to take a long term stake in NFLX for your IRA, it’s important to recognize that extenuating global market forces can affect the price of the stock.  

How often have you had a big move in the price of crude oil or a foreign currency market dramatically affect your stock trades? That’s why you need a sophisticated, but easy to use tool to account for these tricky market conditions.

VantagePoint – Market Leader

VantagePoint was developed in 1991 and for the last 24 years it has helped 15,000 traders across the world transform their trading. It is powered by patented artificial intelligence to make powerful market predictions with up to 86% accuracy.  

Thousands of traders have improved their stock trading profitability, including Dan B. “The software has been instrumental in helping me make confident trades without having to worry about taking big losses when the markets seem so unpredictable.

VantagePoint does not produce buy or sell signals. What it does is make highly accurate daily predictions for more than 1,300 markets in all of the major trading areas: stocks, futures/ commodities, forex, ETFs.

For stock traders, VantagePoint covers 12 major sectors (including energy, transportation, financial, and healthcare) for equity markets in the US, Canada, Australia, India, and the UK.

Unique Trend Forecasting Software

The software analyzes intermarket data for each of its markets and then its neural-network “brain” produces near term predictions in the form of leading, technical indicators. This patented mathematical process helps to identify which markets have the most influence on the stocks you want to trade (whether it’s AAPL, BIDU, TSLA or NFLX).  

VantagePoint then transforms traditional moving averages into predictive, market leading indicators. By using a combination of past price data and predictive technology, the indicators give advanced notice 1-3 days ahead of a trend change.

You can realistically expect better results from your trading if you switch from lagging technical indicators to leading technical indicators like those found in VantagePoint.

The proprietary and patented market-leading forecasts put bulls ahead of the rally to get you in an upward trending stock before most other traders know what’s happening. How is this possible? By utilizing artificial intelligence to identify intermarket relationships and analyze the strongest drivers and pullers for a particular market.

This allows you to get into stock trades early to capture more of the trend, stay with profitable positions longer and identify false market moves.

VantagePoint User Experience

However, the software is extremely intuitive and easy to use since all the complicated programming happens under the hood. The software comes basically out of the box and ready to go, there’s no complex programming or a frustrating learning curve.

From a functionality perspective, VantagePoint removes most of the work inherent in finding and confirming potentially profitable trades. The software’s IntelliScan feature is one reason it is so effortless and simple to use. This “filtering” capability identifies potential stocks in seconds, based on dozens of customizable technical filters. After producing a list of high-potential trades, a mouse click instantly takes you to the associated market chart.

Here’s what one Arnold M. had to say about the user experience, “The software is simple, easy to understand and to learn to use. The signals are clear and unambiguous and potential trades are easy to identify.”

VantagePoint Forecasting Example

Can VantagePoint back up their claims of predictive accuracy? Independent research has confirmed the accuracy (consistently above 80 per cent) of VantagePoint’s Predicted Neural Index, since the software was first introduced in 1991. The data below is randomly selected neural index accuracy scores among popular stocks.

Here’s a more recent example of how VantagePoint forecasted trend direction in (PCLN). In the chart below you can see the blue line, VantagePoint’s Predicted Moving Average, crossing above the black line, the traditional moving average. This means the market is forecasted to go higher over the next one to three days. You can see that once this crossover occurs, the market trends higher.

The Predicted Neural Index, shown by the green line, indicates the strength of the trend.  This predictive indicator can help determine contract size as this simple, binary indicator gives confidence about the forecasted market direction.

You can also use the VantagePoint Predicted High and Low, show by the floating candle in the red circle. This predicts the next day’s high and low.

VantagePoint is intuitive, easy to use, and offers traders unique leading technical indicators with a long record of proven accuracy. By using intermarket analysis and a neural network process to find hidden patterns and relationships between markets, these indicators provide short-term trend forecasts and anticipate trend changes. This process provides a unique perspective on markets that uses foresight instead of hindsight to help stock traders become consistently profitable.