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Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the BB squeeze on the indices, along with a few retail stocks like RAD, TGT and more! 


The Secrets of a Market Maker No One Else Will Share

Join Andrew Keene for a live session as he discusses: What is a Market Maker? How does a Market Maker Make Money? Who can be a Market Maker? Why this is the Best time in h...

USD/CAD Looks Bullish: Elliott Wave Analysis

USDCAD is looking bullish after a triangle pattern placed in wave four in the middle of a strong uptrend. Triangle is a continuation pattern, structured by five legs, so it seem...

Trades for March 19, 2014

Trades for today are in the PowerShares DB Base Metals-DBB and in the Forex market the CHY/JYN cross pair.

Trades for March 18, 2014

Trades for today are in the Nissan Motor-NSANY stock and in the Forex market the usa/jyn currency pair.

Forex Weekly Outlook

A complete look at the week ahead including a review of the main curency, equity and commodity futures and how they will affect trading in the Forex market for the week of March...

Larry Williams Premium Indicators and VantagePoint - A Winning Combination


Here I demonstrate how to use the Larry Williams indicators to find high probability market reversals in Forex, commodities, and individual stocks.  Not only will the Williams i...

Time Means Money

This webinar will detail proven strategies that allow traders to take advantage of statistical advantages as an option seller.  Traders will be shown how to take advantage of t...

Trades for March 12, 2014

Trades for today are in the ProShares UltraShort Technology-REW and in the Forex market the gbp/usa currency pair.

Trades for March 11, 2014

Trades for today are in the iShares MSCI Taiwan IDX-EWT and in the Forex market the usa/jyn currency pair.

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