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Hey Traders! How was your weekend? Are you still snowed in? I finally broke the car out Sunday afternoon. The weekend was great indeed.  We got the retracement and...


Part 3 - The VantagePoint Indicators and Shorter Term Trading Techniques


In this video, I focus on the shorter term indicators from VantagePoint.  By combining the output of the Neural Index, Predicted Strength, and Predicted high and lows, traders c...

Forex Weekly Outlook

A complete look at the week ahead including a review of the main currency, equity and commodity futures and how they will affect trading in the Forex market for the week of Janu...

Stock Strategies - SPY, AAPL, AXP, SBUX, FB, FSLR

Hey Traders! How was your week? Any snow in your neck of the woods? Nashville getting hit with some. I LOVE IT! We're getting that retracement we talked about on IWM and XLE. SP...

Stock Strategies - SPY, XLE, XLV, BAC, MOS, CMI

Jerremy Alexander Newsome covers some market insights in the bigger picture, updates us on some recent swing trades and talks about the support that SPY finally reached today.In...

Part 2 - Larry Williams Professional Sentiment Index and VantagePoint


In this video, I focus attention on the Larry Williams PSI, or Professional Sentiment Index.  This indicator is a shorter term timing tool that is acceptional at picking up on i...

Why Saudi Arabia Can't Afford HIGHER Oil Prices


In this session Elliott will explain why crude oil prices are likely headed to $20 to $25 per barrel over the next few months and why they're likely to remain stuck in a range o...

Part 1 - Larry Williams Market Accumulation Index and VantagePoint


This video series is designed to take a close, in depth look at the Larry Williams Indicators and VantagePoint software.  In this 5 part series, I will demonstrate each indicato...

Trades for January 20, 2016

Trades for today are in the FirstEnergy-FE stock and in the Forex market the AUD/USA currency pair

Best Stock Charts January 18, 20016


Folks,  As we move into the new trading week we anticipate a rally soon. We will be building postions in some the these names and then will look to fade the market and open u...

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