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Looking at the upcoming August 6 trading session, I take a look at a solid uptrend in the GBP/AUD pair. Using this example, I show how to “triangulate” a trend, and...


Trades for August 5, 2015

Trades for today are in the Melco Crown Entertainment-MPEL stock and in the Forex market the GBP/USA currency pair.

Episode 5: How to Spot Elliot Waves


In this fifth installment of the Traders Classroom Series, Jeff Kennedy, Senior Commodities Analyst for EWI,  teaches how to correctly spot Eilliot Waves are formed and how to e...

Stock Strategies - TWTR, AAPL

Jerremy Newsome covers the broad market ETF's like DIA, IWM, SPY along with AAPL, TWTR and more! 

Trades for August 4, 2015

Trades for today are in the ebay-EBAY stock and in the Forex market the EURO/JPY cross pair.

Forex Weekly Outlook

A complete look at the week ahead including a review of the main currency, equity and commodity futures and how they will affect trading in the Forex market for the week of Augu...

Stock Strategies - SPY, DIA, IWM and QQQ

Jerremy Alexander Newsome gives us his longer term 2015 perspective on the general market ETF's. 

Anticipating Short Term Market Moves with VantagePoint and Williams Professional Sentiment

The Larry Williams Professional Sentiment Index and the VantagePoint Neural Index  This video, focuses on a simple concepts that traders can use to anticipate short term price ...

Stock Strategies -FB, AAPL, GOOG and More

Jerremy Newsome CEO of reallifetrading.com reviews FB pre earnings gap along with AAPL, GOOGL and his SHAK trade.  To see more of Jeremy's videos, visit reallifetrading.com

Trades for July 29, 2015

Trades for today are in the Xcel Energy-XEL stock and in the Forex market the AUD/CAD cross pair.

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