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This is a HUGE week in the market. A lot of large cap stocks having earnings along with the indices at a huge pivot point. Federal reserve meeting at 2:00 pm could...


Forex Weekly Outlook

A complete look at the week ahead including a review of the main currency, equity and commodity futures and how they will affect trading in the Forex market for the week of Janu...

Is it here?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome shares his opinion and perspective on the market. He also covers a day trade he made along with a few other students and covers some finance stocks.

EURUSD Could Turn Bearish From 1.3740 - Elliott Wave

On EURUSD we ahve seen a sharp reaction to the upside in the last few days which can be only a tricky recovery that is part of a larger complex correction, called an expanded fl...

Don't Let the Market STEAL Your Profits!

VIDEO: Don't Let the Market STEAL Your Profits!  Do you want to see how our customers are able to identify trend changes in advance? Yes?  With the economic uncerta...

Trade with the Smart Money - Larry Williams Indicators for Stock Trading


In this video, Matt Golden covers how to use the Larry Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index and Professional Sentiment Index for VantagePoint.   These two indicators tr...

Update - Trading Futures with Larry Williams Indicators for VantagePoint


In this video, Matt Golden demonstrates how to use the Larry Williams Premium Indicators for VantagePoint to find very high probability trade setups in the commodities markets. ...

Three Pillars for Option Trading

presented by TradeSpoon “It is often easier to tell what will happen to the price of a stock than how much time will elapse before it happens” – Philip Fisher (1909) Those wor...

Trades for January 22, 2014

Trades for today are in U.S Steel -X in the stock market and in the Forex the USD/Mexican Peso-USD/MXN.

Trades for January 21, 2014

Trades for today are in the usa/cad and usa/chf currency pairs in the Forex market.

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