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Trading When You Shouldn't -- Keys to Successfully Trading the Open

In this webinar recording, Peter Davies reveals strategies for trading in the first few minutes following a markets open. It's become “conventional wisdom” to not place trades ...

Premium Indicator Focus - Larry Williams Professional Sentiment Index


This video is designed to highlight the benefits of utilizing the Larry Williams Professional Sentiment Index, a premium indicator exclusively available through VantagePoint.  T...

Develop Short and Long-Term Trading Strategies with VantagePoint and Larry Williams Premium Indicators


In this video, I cover how traders can use the Larry Williams Premium Indicators to identify favorable trading conditions in the market.  Once the conditions are identifid, trad...

Day and Swing Trading with VantagePoint's Neural Index


In this video, I take a close look at VantagePoint's Neural Index and demonstrate how it can help traders make extremely efficient trading decisions.  Each market mentioned int ...

Short Term Forex Trading with VantagePoint and Premium Larry Williams Indicators


In this video I demonstrate how to use VantagePoint and the Larry Williams Premium Indicators.  Here I cover the AUD/NZD and GBP/CAD which were recently discussed in my last vid...

Trades for April 8, 2014

Trades for today are in Chesapeake-CHK stock and in the Forex market the euro/gbp cross pair.

Trades for February 12, 2014

Trades for today are in the ETF iShares MSCI Mexico IDX-EWW and in the Forex market the nzd/usa currency pair.

Trades for December 31, 2013

Trades for today are in the iShares Silver Trust - SLV and in the Forex market the gbp/usa currency pair.

Trades for October 16, 2013

Trades for today are in Caterpillar-CAT stock and in the Forex market the gbp/chf cross pair.

Trades for September 24, 2013

Trades for today are in December Wheat Futures and in the Forex market the nzd/usa currency pair.

Forex Weekly Outlook

A complete look at the week ahead including a review of the main currency, equity and commodity futures and how they will affect trading in the Forex market for the week of Sept...

Forex Focus - Williams Professional Sentiment Index

Here I show how the combination of the Williams Professional Sentiment Index and VantagePoint can vastly improve your trading results in the Forex market.   The Williams PSI is ...

Trades for August 7, 2013

Trades for today are in United Parcel Service- UPS in the stock market and in the Forex market the gbp/cad cross pair

Trades for June 19, 2013

Trades for today are in the Royal Bank of Canada-RY and in the Forex the gbp/cad cross pair.

Beat the Odds: Turn Trading Into a Wealthy Career

The truth is that most who try to make a living out of trading fail. It is a difficult profession, but with the proper training and education you will stand a much better chanc...

Trades for April 3, 2013

Trades for today are in the ProShares UltraShort Technology-REW and in the Forex market the usa/cad currency pair.

Finding the RIGHT Market with VantagePoint

Here is how I use VantagePoint to zero in and profit from the best opportunities in the market.

VantagePoint Forex Strategy Intro

Here is how I have been using VantagePoint to consistantly capture huge 3-5 day moves in the Forex Market.  

Dale Pinkert: Forex Update Weekend Review

Dale Pinkert (Forex Stop Hunter) provides his weekly review on the markets and various financial instruments.

Watch These: Factors Will Dictate Market Rise Or Fall This Week

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