MACD Videos

What big distribution pattern is the Dow Jones making?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the indices along with a few trades students are in. 

Why did FB bounce?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome goes over stocks in the retail sector along with FB and others

Which sector is 'heating up'?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the indices a long with 2 sectors. 

What is Quadruple Witching Day?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome drops a Newsome nugget and reviews the financial sector. Follow him on twitter @newsomenuggets and/or Find him on LinkedIn

How did the market react to the FOMC meeting?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the BB squeeze on the indices, along with a few retail stocks like RAD, TGT and more! 

How does FB look?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the indices, along with a few mega stocks and FB. 

How does the energy sector look?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the indices, along with a few solar stocks. 

Expectations of AAPL after earnings and more!

This is a HUGE week in the market. A lot of large cap stocks having earnings along with the indices at a huge pivot point. Federal reserve meeting at 2:00 pm could very likely d...

Is it here?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome shares his opinion and perspective on the market. He also covers a day trade he made along with a few other students and covers some finance stocks.

Students do very well on CAT, WFC and BAC

Jerremy reviews the 3 ETF'S for the market along with JCP and other stocks students traded very well! 

Is this the start of a Market correction?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the 3 indices along with some stocks setting up for some potential moves.

How do financials look?

Jerremy reviews the 3 main indices and some financials ETF'S/stocks on the 2nd trading day of 2014

Finance Friday - we continue Bullish!

Jerremy Alexander Newsome says he makes the TSU Fantasy Football Finals! And covers and few financial stocks! 

How did the Market react to Fed Tapering?

TSU is having an Office Party tonight! Jerremy is excited and reviews the market, a few trade set ups and goes over some of TSU's top 10. Jerremy N is very bullish right now. 

Will the Finance Sector lead the Market Pop?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the top 3 indices, along with BAC,C, COF and FB. 

Did MSFT and YHOO trigger bullish? Watch to find out.

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews AAPL, MSFT, YHOO, HD and more in this Wednesday Wrap up.

Trade analysis on COST, WMT and more!

Jerremy Alexander Newsome shines the spot light on 2 students, reviews FSLR, WMT along with other stocks. Watch on this Retail Wednesday Market Update 

Thoughts on the huge IPO of twitter, happening on 11/7/2013.

Jerremy Alexander Newsome gives students his personal perspective and opinion on what TWTR could do, regarding the IPO and also reviews CAT, COST and more! 

A quick review of AXP, FAS, AMZN and more.

Jerremy Alexander Newsome reviews the 3 indices, along with FAS, AXP and a few other big movers. Spotlight on an awesome student!

FED decides not to taper. What impact will that have on equities?

Jerremy Alexander Newsome talks about the FED's decision not to taper. He reviews, GLD, SLV, AMZN, JCP and SHLD.

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